How long does a MiDAS certificate last?

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A correct alignment of the 4 wheels avoids car breakdowns and ensures an optimal behavior and the best performance of your vehicle. In addition, it favors adherence, road safety, performance and fuel economy, thus reducing the car’s CO2 emissions.with the alignment the original geometric conditions of the wheels are restored by means of high precision measurements and adjustments.

In our Euromaster workshops, one of our qualified technicians can check the alignment of your vehicle and adjust the geometry dimensions according to the manufacturer’s specifications, because a good alignment provides you with greater safety on the road and extends the life of your wheels and tires. Do not hesitate and trust Euromaster the repairs your car needs.

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Having good visibility while driving is essential for our safety. 90% of the information we receive when we are driving comes to us through our eyes, the vast majority through the windshield and the rest of the windows of our vehicle. For this reason, it is very important to have the wiper blades in optimal conditions, as well as to make sure that these elements work perfectly (without forgetting to always have the corresponding liquid tank full).

If the wiper blades do not clean the windshield properly, it is because the wiper arm is not sufficiently fastened or pressed against the glass and that is why the wind lifts them from the surface and lets the dirt pass through. If you see that this happens you should replace them properly to solve the problem.

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Changing them is simple and the price is not very high. After buying the right replacement model for our car, we must lift each of the wiper arms by hand. In most cases, we must squeeze the retaining clip to release the wiper blade, so that we can pull it to remove it.


When the car or the motorcycle is delivered to us after its passage through the workshop (official brand or independent), we are entitled to a guarantee on the repair of three months or 2,000 kilometers traveled (fifteen days in industrial vehicles) whichever comes first, as long as we do not make subsequent manipulations in other workshops or on our own.

If we have to claim against the garage for any reason (it does not agree to attend our request under warranty, does not have or denies us the claim forms, the car is not working properly and they “play dumb”, etc.), the law is on our side.

The garages are obliged to have complaint forms. If they do not have them at that moment or they refuse to hand them over, it is interesting to make the Municipal Police present themselves so that they can file a report.

Keep in mind that consumers can complain in situ in writing, or at any other time or by any other means than the complaint forms. It will be enough a detailed writing enclosing the documentation that is necessary.

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Author: @pmartinez-almeida 10 May 2013, 15:02 Since last June 1 every owner who wants to sell or rent their used housing (built before 2007) must have the energy efficiency certificate in compliance with the royal decree 235/2013, of April 5. We solve you the most relevant doubts about it.

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It is a document that includes the qualification of the energy efficiency and consumption of a building or part of it (housing, premises, office etc.), procedure information, description of the energy characteristics and viable improvement recommendations. The rating must be registered with an official body of the corresponding autonomous community in order for it to have the status of a certificate.

The owner or developer who wants to sell or rent his home must have the energy certificate since June 1. In addition, both the owner and the developer are responsible for submitting the certificate to the corresponding body for registration.