How long does a one day First Aid course last?

First aid course – free red cross

Red Cross is a leader in First Aid training. We are prepared to offer courses in companies or institutions on this subject, adapted to the different areas and their risk factors.

The objective is to acquire specific skills to intervene in critical situations until the arrival of a medical professional, which can often make a difference in preserving the life of the affected person.


How long does the Red Cross first aid course last?

This program is taught in the Red Cross classroom. The First Aid Course, taught by the Red Cross, has a duration of 30 hours.

How long does the CPR certificate last?

All courses offered and certified are valid for two years from the date of completion and approval.

What is Red Cross first aid?

It is a voluntary and disinterested relief movement. In each country there can be only one Red Cross or Red Crescent Society, it must be accessible to all and extend its humanitarian action to the whole territory.

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Free First Aid Course 2021

Red Cross is a leader in First Aid training. We are prepared to offer workshops in companies or institutions on this subject, adapted to the different areas and their risk factors.

The courses and workshops are given in person and semi-attendance, in the case of the courses to companies, they are given “in company”: our instructors go to the company or institution. However, if requested, the workshop can be given in our own facilities.

How long does the ACLS certificate last?

ACLS certification is valid for 2 years. At the end of that time you will need to recertify by either taking the full course or taking the renewal schedule.

What is the CPR certificate?

Basic CPR Course – Basic Training in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. The Basic Life Support certification course is the course with the most instructions carried out worldwide, taking to a high level the study of cardiorespiratory arrest in the adult…

Where can I take the CPR course?

The foundation offers courses every week authorized by the AHA (American Heart Association). With a duration of four hours, they have a calendar on their website that provides the dates available for the “CPR – Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation for Friends and Family” course.

First aid course 2021

Topics of interest: verification of family and personal requirements for a safe return to school, some protocols for schools, your responsibility is what is important for going back to school.

The training programs that are part of the Risk Communication and Strengthening of Emergency Response Capacity agreement, are a strategic alliance between the National Society of the Colombian Red Cross and Cenit Transportation and Logistics of Hydrocarbons, a company of the Ecopetrol Group that transports hydrocarbons by pipelines and polyducts in our country.

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Interested persons must fill out the following form to access this free educational offer and a team of professionals will be communicating with the selected persons for the completion of these courses.

Objective: To provide information on the three processes of risk management: risk awareness, risk reduction and disaster management, with emphasis on the risks derived from the transportation of hydrocarbons through pipelines.

How many contact hours is ACLS?

This course has a cost of $185.00. The contact hours (12 hours) have an additional cost of $8.00 which is included in the tuition. The pre-exam is online. The provider card is valid for 2 years.

What is ACLS in healthcare?

Bls – Acls (Basic Life Support and Advanced Cardiovascular Support)

How to obtain a CPR certificate?

Get your CPR certification online

After completing the course lessons, you will be given the CPR exam. The exam has 25 questions and you must pass with 80% or higher. After passing the exam, you will receive your certification. Certification includes a printable certificate and a signed card sent to you.

Certified First Aid Course

Provides low cost and short time basic training. It favors the improvement of important skills, plus the acquisition of current and additional knowledge to the Basic First Aid course…

It is a short training that provides basic knowledge on how to act in case of accidents or common medical situations (diseases). Based on the demonstrative methodology, the first aid workshop is an ideal training to keep the knowledge fresh at low cost and time.