How long is IOSH Managing Safely exam?


A new “open book” exam has been introduced to replace the current supervised exam for anyone studying NEBOSH NG1, IG1, NGC1 or IGC1 units. This new format allows candidates to complete their qualification without the need to come to a specific location to take the exam, while maintaining the high standards and robust assessment strategy for which NEBOSH is renowned. This guide contains information and advice on how best to prepare for the exam.

An “open book” exam means exactly what the name suggests: you are allowed access to your study text and other materials during the exam. However, it will take more than simply copying the text to answer the exam questions; you will need to demonstrate that you understand the subject matter and can apply the topics appropriately – and this takes preparation. We will share hints and tips on how to do this later in this guide.

The NEBOSH General Certificate open book exam differs from the traditional question-answer type of format and will consist of a realistic workplace situation that may describe the unfolding of a situation such as an accident or safety intervention, and you may be asked to take on a particular role, for example, that of safety manager (responsible for ORP). After being introduced to the situation you will be asked to perform some tasks, and each task will consist of answering one or more questions, where your answers will be relevant to the particular situation.

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Protocolos de seguridad en la pandemia

4. La formación es un componente esencial de un programa de seguridad eficaz. La complejidad de la formación depende del tamaño y de la complejidad del lugar de trabajo, así como de las características de los peligros y de los riesgos potenciales del lugar.Deberes del empleadolSeguir todas las normas de seguridad.Usar y cuidar el equipo de protección personal.Asegurarse de que todos los dispositivos de seguridad de las herramientas y del equipo funcionan correctamente.No dejar que su trabajo ponga en peligro a otro trabajador.Reemplazar inmediatamente las herramientas de mano dañadas o desafiladas.Evitar las payasadas, las bromas pesadas u otras actividades que creen un peligro.No consumir drogas ni alcohol en el trabajo. Informe a su supervisor de cualquier práctica de trabajo insegura y de cualquier lesión o accidente.Obligaciones del empleadorlMantenga el lugar de trabajo libre de peligros.Informe a los empleados sobre cómo protegerse de los peligros que no se pueden controlar.Realice inspecciones periódicas de seguridad en el lugar de trabajo.Tenga a alguien capacitado en primeros auxilios en el lugar de trabajo si no tiene un servicio de respuesta a emergencias cerca.Orientación y capacitaciónCada trabajador debe recibir orientación y capacitación en materia de seguridad sobre las normas aplicables de la OSHA, los requisitos de seguridad de la empresa, y/o tener suficiente experiencia para hacer su trabajo de manera segura. Debe evaluar esta formación periódicamente para garantizar la correcta comprensión y aplicación de los requisitos de seguridad de la empresa y de las normas de la OSHA.


CSCS is the UK’s leading training and certification scheme for the construction industry. Some employers require their workers to have a CSCS card. The card is a certificate, showing that you have the required knowledge and training in health and safety. If you bring an overseas certificate with you, you will need a Statement of Comparability of your certificate.

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You must pass a Health, Safety and Environment test to obtain this card.  There are several tools you can use to prepare for the Health, Safety and Environment test, e.g., the Health, Safety and Environment test:

You can only apply for this card if you have successfully completed the Health, Safety and Environment test mentioned above, and at least one of the following qualifications or courses:

Once all tests have been successfully completed, you may apply for a CSCS card by submitting a CSCS application form. You can also call 0344 994 4777 to request to receive your card within the next couple of working days.

Utilizing the workforce in a time of pandemic

The leading certification card scheme for construction is a card required in the UK to provide proof that people working on construction sites have the training and qualifications required for their job.

There is a wide range of CSCS cards to reflect the variety of occupations within the construction industry. Before applying for it check that you have selected the correct card for the job you will be doing.

If you have already gone through the above and have obtained one of the Construction Related NVQ or SVQ or have completed a City and Guilds of London Institute Craft Certificate apprenticeship sponsored by one of your employers, you may choose to take the blue CSCS which is for a skilled worker.