Is a level 7 a degree?

Is a level 7 a degree?

Level 2 months

In accordance with the procedure established by the RD 967/2015, the General Directorate of University Policy, requested a technical report motivated to the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation (ANECA) for the determination of the correspondence to level 2 or 3 of each of the degrees of the Official Catalog of Degrees1 (RD 1497/1987 and 1267/1994).

The State Coordinator of Environmental Sciences was summoned in March 2015, to participate in the elaboration of the Evaluation Report for the determination of the Correspondence of the Official Degree of Bachelor in Environmental Sciences to the MECES.

That is why, the Report made by ANECA with the collaboration of the State Coordinator of Environmental Sciences in which a detailed analysis is made in order to establish its possible correspondence with level 3 of MECES, concludes that:

After the referral of this report by ANECA to the General Directorate of University Policy, the Council of Universities made the final report of correspondence of the Degree in Environmental Sciences.

What is level 7 EQF?

Level 7: Highly specialized knowledge, some of it at the forefront of a particular field of work or study, which lays the foundation for original thought or research.

What is a Level 2 grade?

The MECES is divided into 4 levels, in which level 1 is for higher technical training courses, level 2 for bachelor’s degrees, level 3 for master’s degrees and level 4 for doctoral studies.

What is MECES level 1?

The MECES is structured in four levels with the following denomination for each one of them: Level 1: Higher Technician. Level 2: Degree. Level 3: Master’s Degree.

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Recognition of academic degrees

The Conference of European Ministers of Higher Education held in Bergen on May 19 and 20, 2005, decided to adopt a comprehensive framework of qualifications for the European Higher Education Area, built on the so-called “Dublin Descriptors”. This framework envisages the existence of three cycles, allowing, in each national context, the possibility of intermediate cycles, each characterized by generic descriptors based on learning outcomes and including an indicative quantification of the credits to be assigned to each of the cycles.

2. The MECES is an internationally recognized instrument that allows the coherent leveling of all higher education qualifications for their classification, relation and comparison and that also serves to facilitate the mobility of individuals in the European Higher Education Area and in the international labor market.

c) Level (in a Qualifications Framework): The reference defined in terms of generic descriptors for the classification of different higher education qualifications, expressed in learning outcomes, to which a particular qualification can be ascribed by appropriate comparison.

How many MECES levels are there?

The four levels in which the MECES is structured thus accommodate the teachings that constitute higher education in our country, which are assigned to each of these levels according to their learning requirements.

What is level 6 EQF?

Level 6: Advanced knowledge in a field of work or study that requires a critical understanding of theories and principles.

Which grades are MECES 3?

The MECES is divided into 4 levels: Level 1 – Higher Technical Training Cycles. Level 2 – Degree. Level 3 – Master’s Degree.

European Qualifications Framework

It is not therefore a question of giving a double degree of Bachelor’s and Master’s to those who pass a more extensive degree – a question that our legal system does not allow – but of recognizing that certain academic degrees provide a specific level of professional qualification, different from that which they nominally evoke.

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“10. Bachelor’s degrees that, due to the requirements of European Union regulations, have at least 300 ECTS credits, of which at least 60 have the characteristics of the descriptors corresponding to the Master’s level, may be assigned to Level 3 (Master’s) of the MECES. For this purpose, they shall be subject to the procedure provided for in the fourteenth additional provision of this Royal Decree.”

Bachelor’s degrees of at least 300 ECTS credits that include a minimum of 60 ECTS credits at the Master’s level may obtain affiliation to Level 3 (Master’s) of the MECES by resolution of the Council of Universities.

What is an advanced degree?

An academic degree, academic qualification or academic degree, is a distinction given by some educational institution, usually after the successful completion of some program of study; either tertiary, undergraduate or graduate (in the case of higher education).

How to obtain the degree as a graduate?

We can make the transition from diploma to degree by requesting a certificate of equivalence, through the headquarters of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, which will be valid for some positions and for working abroad.

What does the acronym MECES stand for?

The Spanish Qualification Framework for Higher Education (MECES) is the Spanish framework for promoting higher education mobility in Europe.

Level 3

The RD 967/2014, mentioned above, came to establish the general procedure so that the correspondences of the Official Degrees could be established, among them that of Architect, to the MECES levels. The established procedure, which in the opinion of this Higher Council has been unnecessarily complicated, has finally been satisfactorily resolved by the Agreement of Ministers of last September 4, on the basis of the proposed resolution of the General Directorate of University Policy of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport.

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Once the Agreement is published in the BOE, professionals with pre-Bologna Architect degree, will be able to accredit the possession of the MECES Master level before any competent authority “with the mere reference of the publication in the BOE, presented jointly with the degree in question”. Without prejudice to this, the Architect who so wishes may obtain “directly a certificate of correspondence at MECES level, issued by the general subdirectorate of titles and recognition of qualifications. The certificate will be registered in a special section of the National Register of Official University Graduates” (paragraphs 2 and 3 of article 27 of the aforementioned RD 967/2014).