Is losing your birth certificate bad?

Certificat de nastere pierdut in strainatate

I have explained this very thing to the officials of the Registry of Domestic Partners of my Autonomous Community and they say that we have to find a way: they want a birth certificate of my girlfriend, original and with current date. My girlfriend swears to me that it is impossible to get such a document in Russia.

Take a look at this Russian Government website for electronic procedures: At the bottom, under FAQ it says that it is possible to get a duplicate birth certificate under certain conditions.

Irena is correct, my wife had to do the same thing your girlfriend has to do now. Since she was born in the USSR she only had a little green book with her birth data, but since there is a modern format, she had to go to the Russian Civil Registry to have the birth certificate issued in the new format.

We have had a look at the link and it says that only in case of loss or damage another one is issued, so is she supposed to “lose” her current certificate to get a new one with the current format? But of course, since the Administration requires her original, they are not going to give it back to her, so… is she supposed to have to “lose” it again to get another copy to hold for her for whatever in the future may arise in her relationship with the Russian Administration? I don’t know, it seems pretty chaotic.

What happens if I lose my original birth certificate?

The digital certificate offers us the possibility to identify ourselves, unequivocally, electronically and with full legal validity. There are different types of digital certificates, but the most important for most people is the certificate of natural person. Let’s see everything you need to know to request and install the digital certificate on your computer.

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To make sure that the browser is correctly configured we have to follow a series of steps, but there is also a utility that automatically performs the whole process. After installing it and restarting the computer we can start with the certificate request.

Once we have the browser properly configured we can proceed with the software certificate request through the Internet. If for any reason the browser is not properly configured or we try to make the request from a non-compatible browser, a warning will appear on the page and not the corresponding form.

Once we have passed through the chosen office, to prove our identity, we will receive an e-mail with a code through which we will be able to download and install our certificate. If all goes well, after accepting the conditions, a window will appear in which we will proceed to install the certificate.

Original Birth Certificate

NO. The presentation of an updated nationality certificate to prove German nationality is not always necessary. Often, interested parties can submit their…The nationality certificate is out of date. Should a new certificate be applied for?

YES. German passports are issued exclusively to German citizens. The applicant must prove that he/she possesses German nationality. Abroad, this is usually proven by means of a certificate of nationality…Do I have to present a certificate of nationality when applying for a passport?

If you are in the process of proving German nationality, it will be assessed whether by law you are German. In this case, no proof of German language skills is required.In the case of naturalization according to Art. 116 II of the Basic Law, no German language skills are required.In the case of naturalization according to Art. 14 of the Nationality Act and persecution history, basic German language skills are required.In cases of discretionary naturalization according to Art. 14 of the Nationality Act (descendants of German citizens, who are not German by law) very good German language skills (level B1) are required, in addition to the fulfillment of other requirements. For minors the language level is subject to age.

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What happens if I lose my baby’s birth certificate?

This alternative was already available some time ago without digital certificate, but now if we have such certificate, included in the DNIe we can obtain it at the moment and print it at home, which will come in handy because when we are asked for one of these certificates it is usually for yesterday, and usually we need it urgently.

The first step we must follow is to access the electronic headquarters of the Ministry of Justice. Here if it is the first time we access it will ask us to accept the electronic certificate of the headquarters in our browser, which will ask us for confirmation for this issue. If by chance we use more than one browser we will have to do it in each browser with which we enter, since the certificate is stored individually for each web browser.

If we already have the certificate installed or the DNIe when accessing the electronic office, it will recognize that we have this digital identity. Once identified we must proceed to complete the registration data that we have, for which it will be necessary to have at hand the family book, ours or that of our parents in case of requesting the one of birth. Anyway if we do not have it at hand, we can choose the option of Other data, where we will have to put our date of birth, municipality, Autonomous Community and name of the father and mother.

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