What are CHAS standards?

What are CHAS standards?

Download homologation certificate

The Certificate of Homologation of Autoparts and Safety Elements CHAS, is the document that in Argentina authorizes the purchase, distribution or transfer of parts and safety elements imported or manufactured in the country.

In other words, a coupled vehicle is one that does not have an engine, such as a trailer; a semi-attached vehicle is one that has an engine, such as a truck, a car that transports people or a vehicle used for towing.

The United Nations Organization, as well as Mercosur and others with the standards IRAM- AITA Instituto de Racionalización Argentino de Materiales, currently Instituto Argentino de Normalización y Certificación and the Asociación de Ingenieros y Técnicos de Automotor (Association of Automotive Engineers and Technicians).

4.- With the knowledge of the aspects mentioned in the previous paragraph, enter the web page of the National Institute of Industrial Technology and download the CHAS APPLICATION form for Autoparts and Safety Elements.

7.- The term for the delivery of the Certificate of Homologation of Autoparts and Safety Elements is of 15 days from its request; but if the quantity of products for which the same one is requested is superior to 20, this term is extended.

What is the chas in a tire?

6° – The Certificate of Homologation of Auto Parts and/or Safety Elements (C.H.A.S.) is the instrument that enables the commercialization, importation or transfer by any title in the Territory of the ARGENTINEAN REPUBLIC of the auto part and/or safety element in question for the replacement market.

What parts does Chas carry?

In order to protect the safety of Argentine consumers, a C.H.A.S. system was established by Resolution 91/2001 for all components or parts intended for spare parts of motor vehicles, trailers or semi-trailers manufactured or imported in Argentina for the replacement market.

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What are the safety auto parts?

Law No. 24.449 establishes that any component or part intended for spare parts of motor vehicles, trailers or semi-trailers, defined as “safety auto parts”, which are manufactured in the country or imported, in order to be sold in the replacement market exclusively, must comply with the conditions of …

Chas what is it?

The Certificate of Homologation of Auto Parts and Safety Elements or CHAS Certificate is a document issued by the National Institute of Industrial Technology. It authorizes the purchase, sale, distribution or transfer of automobile parts, whether manufactured in Argentina or not.

The CHAS Certificate is issued by the National Institute of Industrial Technology, an entity attached to the government of Argentina. This document is a mandatory requirement for all types of vehicles and parts that are part of the vehicle’s safety system.

A coupled vehicle is a device that does not have an engine, as is the case of trailers. On the contrary, a semi-attached vehicle does have an engine, as is the case of cars used for transporting people or for carrying another device.

As you can imagine, with the CHAS Certificate you obtain the reliability guarantee for all the spare parts and safety systems installed in any vehicle, whether it is a trailer or a semi-trailer.

What to do if I lose my auto parts engraving certificate?

Citizens who have lost their auto parts engraving document must start the whole process as a new one. Exceptions exist when the document has been lost, the corresponding legal authorities can be contacted regarding the procedure.

What do the numbers and letters on the tires mean?

The number represents the maximum weight a tire can support. The weights have a code that corresponds to the kilograms that the tire can support. The letter is the speed index, which indicates the maximum allowable speed that the tire can withstand during a ten-minute period without being endangered.

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What does a Triple A rubber mean?

(AAA) indicates the tire width in millimeters. … This diameter must match the diameter of the rim on which the tire is mounted. The load index of 85 indicates a maximum load of 515 kilograms.

C.h.a.s. argentina

Resolution Nº 838/99 – Specific registers for the registration of manufacturers and importers of vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers, manufacturers of vehicles assembled in stages, rebuilders and autoparts are created within the scope of the National Direction of Industry. Requirements for registration. Model Configuration License. Integration of a non-binding advisory commission.

Resolution Nº 234/07 – Modification of Resolution Nº 185/2007, in relation to the term granted to importers of auto parts and/or safety elements not produced as a normal manufacturing supply of the motor vehicle, trailer and semi-trailer, for the requirement of having the Certificate of Approval of Auto Parts and/or Safety Elements, at the time of submitting the application for dispatch to the market. Repealed by Resolution Nº 66/08.

Resolution Nº 183/07 – Modification of Resolution Nº 185/2007, in relation to the terms granted to manufacturers and importers of auto parts and/or safety elements not produced as a normal provision for the manufacture of motor vehicles, for the adaptation of their productive processes to the requirements set forth in Resolution Nº 91/2003 of the former Secretariat of Industry. Repealed by Resolution No. 66/08.

How to know if a car has an auto parts engraving?

Auto parts engraving is the identification of your vehicle with the license plate number. For cars, you have to do it on all the doors (external side), hood (upper and lower) and trunk (interior and upper). If it is a two-door car, the engraving is done on the front door.

What is the auto parts form like?

The GP-02 Form is a document used as a registration instrument. It is issued by the dealership itself, especially for this Auto Parts Engraving process. This document is also valid as a payment instrument.

What does Inti certify?

INTI’s Certification Body has been created by Resolution of the Board of Directors Nº 32/2001 to certify products in the voluntary and regulated field; and subsequently extended its activities to certify processes and people. We are the only Certification Body in the public sector.

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Tire Chas

The IRAM seal is a quality certification license, issued by the Argentine Institute of Standardization and Certification (IRAM), which indicates that a product complies with a specific IRAM standard.

The Argentine government has decided to regulate the market in order to protect human life and prevent parts from being sold in the automotive aftermarket with a lower quality standard than the minimum required, which could lead to an accident.

Resolution No. 435/97 and its amendments approved the wafer models and manufacturing certificate for fire extinguishers, the stamp, wafer and recharge card for fire extinguishers, establishing the technical standards for their manufacture;

It is necessary to improve the safety controls of wafers, stamps and cards, establishing new control and inspection procedures to better safeguard the safety of the population and the environment.

The ISO 9001 Certification focuses on service and accredits an internal quality management system and the ability to respond to customer demands. The ISO 14001 Certification, on the other hand, refers to appropriate environmental management systems. Its main objective is to take care of the environment, prevent pollution by reducing environmental impacts and the reasonable use of natural resources.