What are the requirements to get a death certificate?

Death Certificate

The death certificate is a document that provides information about the death of an individual. Thanks to this document you will know the identity of the person, his or her birth data, nationality, place, date and cause of death.

We explain it to you, since there are many confusions about it. It is necessary to clarify that the death certificate is a document normally issued by a doctor registered in the health system, who attests to the fact.

In case the death occurred abroad and it is intended to obtain the death certificate from the place where the death occurred, the procedure must be carried out under the following considerations:

Once the registration certificate is issued, the death certificate duly authenticated, the copy of the identity card or passport of the deceased and the translation of the certificate (when required), also authenticated, must be attached to it.

Civil registry death certificate

A death certificate is a document issued by the competent authority, in the case of Bolivia it is the Civil Registry, which authenticates and attests to the death of a person.

Prior to the issuance of a death certificate, a physician or coroner is required to validate the identity and cause of death of the deceased. In places where there are no physicians, it must be the Civil Registrar himself or herself who comes forward and confirms the death and its cause.

Many people have doubts about the correct way to fill out the death certificate form. Do not forget that only the official and authorized personnel are the ones to do it.

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Who can request a death certificate

The death certificate is the document through which the administrative cycle of a person’s life is closed, and it is as important as the rest of the certificates that were required throughout life.

It is a document that, in addition to officially declaring the death of a person, allows surviving loved ones to carry out certain procedures, such as requesting a pension or inheritance, among others.

It is an indispensable document for the survivors to be able to carry out the necessary procedures in order to enjoy the benefits to which they may be entitled as a result of the death.

In such a way that the indemnifications coming from insurance policies or from the State, economic resources deposited in banking institutions and real estate, among others, cannot be disposed of or awarded by the beneficiaries in the absence of the death certificate.

The process normally begins with the attending physician, who is in charge of writing and signing the death certificate. In this document, the doctor will state the identity data of the deceased person, as well as the causes that led to his death.

Death certificate pdf

Particularly if the death occurs unexpectedly or suddenly, it may happen that ill-considered decisions are made that involve excessive expenditure, or lead to the violation of their rights as consumers,

From the Consumer Portal we want to help users to know their rights when their relative dies. You can consult and download here a graphic-summary of the most important procedures that you will have to carry out.

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Some of the necessary administrative procedures can be carried out over the Internet, but in order to complete them, you will need to have the digital certificates required in each case, or the DNIe with the certificates in force.

The center will be in charge of communicating the death and registering the death telematically. Subsequently, the death certificate can be requested at the corresponding Civil Registry.

Registration of the death. It must be carried out by the relatives or persons living with the deceased or, failing that, by the neighbors. If the death occurs outside the home, in addition to the relatives, the head of the establishment where the death occurred or the competent authority are obliged to do so. It will be done at the Civil Registry, presenting the medical certificate of death and the ID card or passport of the deceased, together with the official form.