What are the three types of counselling?

Consulting examples

Trust is the basis of any relationship, whether personal or professional. Your advisor is the point of contact with such important aspects as your business accounts or the management of your taxes. Therefore you must have full confidence in him/her. For this, you can opt for an advisor who offers you full transparency with his/her work.

It is important to have a professional who offers you his/her knowledge in an easy way, for example with periodic customized reports that help you to improve your day to day. This way you will be able to better understand all the aspects you need.

⭐️Tip: Remember that the real profitability of your advisor does not lie in paying less, but in getting a service that helps you grow day by day. Whether it’s through their advice, reports or access to technologies.

⭐️ Tip: An advisor who tailors their services to clients is essential for integration within the company but try to make clear from the outset the advisor’s tasks and your goals.

To get the best advice you will need tools that allow you to connect in real time, automate management tasks so that your advisor can focus on analyzing data and providing you with expertise and knowledge.

Who are the consultants?

An advisor is a subject matter specialist who provides advice to others in exchange for monetary consideration. Focusing on economics, what does an advisor do? An advisor assists others in making decisions related to the economy.

What is the purpose of the counseling?

The advice provided by a consultant, therefore, provides the necessary knowledge so that the client (the company that hires him/her) can solve everyday problems.

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What is 1 1 consulting?

The 1:1 consultancies are perfect to solve all your doubts and guide you through the planning process, enabling you to successfully carry out your digital actions. I help you design a digital strategy tailored to your needs and learn how to use different tools that will facilitate your routine.

Types of educational counseling

These questions are only a sample of those that can be asked. That is why this chapter is intended to deepen the knowledge regarding the contents that counselors have to address in personal interviews.

As we will see in this chapter, the contents to be addressed in the AAP space are very varied and have the purpose of informing, guiding and training each student in academic and personal matters. In order to be coherent with each other, they must be related to the previously detected needs, with the proposed objectives and with other elements that make up what we call the Tutorial Action Plan or Counseling Plan.

They must be carried out according to the profile of the student to be trained, to the moment of the career study plan and to a previously delineated Tutorial Action or Counseling Plan (PAT) (Rodríguez Espinar, 2004), made up of different elements, among them, the contents.

What are administrative advisories and consultations?

In other words, this type of consultancy deals with everything related to the resources (internal and external) that may affect the operation of any entity, both in its structure and definition, as well as in its correct operation. Procedures, licenses, human resources?

What is an example consultant?

A consultant is someone who provides professional or expert advice.

What is it to be a consultant?

Definition and meaning

A Consultancy or Advisor has the main function of proposing and recommending the best possible options to its clients, in the area it specializes in. At Assessor we advise on accounting, tax and labor matters, mainly.

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Types of consulting pdf

The financial advisor is a professional in areas such as finance, business, economics, administration, accounting, among other similar careers, so their training does not depend entirely on a specific career, but on the specialization of it.

The CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) is the professional certification in finance that authorizes the financial advisor to perform his work. This certification consists of a three-level exam and covers topics such as financial analysis, securities, corporate finance, among others.

Many professionals who already have a university degree, and who want to become professional financial advisors, choose to take certification courses or diploma courses. In the same way, it is possible to continue with postgraduate studies, which guarantee an academic professionalization.

The study centers in Mexico that offer such certifications, endorsed by the CFA, are the Instituto Tecnológico de México (ITAM), the Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM), Universidad Tecnológica de México (UNITEC), as well as other institutions abroad that offer similar master’s degrees, and some of them can be taken online.

What is the objective of the consultancy?

Consulting is a strategic tool whose objective is to provide advice and implement solutions focused on increasing the productivity and competitiveness of companies by making the most of existing resources.

What is the objective of advising the client on financial matters?

Financial advice aims to find answers to the economic and financial needs of clients. This professional service must guide people so that they can achieve the financial objectives they have set for themselves.

What is information and advice?

This is a service of orientation and attention to families where they are informed and oriented about resources, procedures, legislation, regulations, etc. and the appropriate steps are taken.

Steps to make a pdf consultancy

Fintechs are here to stay. They represent about 5% of the banking business, but they are growing very fast. Both financial institutions and new companies are developing fintech activities providing innovation, a better user experience and mobility. If you are still lost, the CNMV has just launched one of its quick guides: What is fintech? which we will now summarize.

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– Social trading: these are platforms that put investors in contact with each other or with professional traders. There are different business models ranging from the exchange of financial information and opinions to the automatic emulation of third-party investment strategies.

They offer the consumer effective management of personal finances and the possibility of comparing different financial products. They provide information on the status and movements of their accounts and offer financial products tailored to the user’s needs.

– Participatory financing: consists of putting promoters who need financing for their projects in contact with a plurality of individual investors through a platform. This type of financing, also known as crowdfunding, can be through loans (crowd lending) or through the issuance of certain financial instruments (crowd equity) such as stocks, shares or bonds.