What does the PEFC logo mean?

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Although crucial for the maintenance of the valuable services provided by forests, Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) alone does not establish the link between the forest and the market. To ensure that timber and timber products come from sustainably managed forests there is Chain of Custody certification.

Chain of Custody certification allows companies to identify and control their certified materials. It is a prerequisite for the use of the PEFC and FSC® logo and labels, as well as for promoting certified products in the marketplace.

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FSC certification indicates that the paper is produced with wood from a sustainably managed forest. FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council, an international non-profit organization that aims to promote and improve sustainable forest management for the entire planet. Only when the forest management and supply chain meet the requirements set by the FSC can wood producers and paper suppliers use the FSC logo. This organization carries out inspections to verify the processes with the help of independent bodies.


B SICA GUIDE SECOND EDITION (DECEMBER 2010)USE OF THE PEFCPEFC LOGO/01-00-01 INTRODUCTIONPURPOSES OF THIS B SIC GUIDEPRIMARY CHANGES IN THIS VERSION The PEFC logo and labels are a globally trusted brand that helps companies, consumers, forest owners and managers, and other stakeholders to identify and promote goods and products from forests managed in a sustainable way, consumers, forest owners and managers and other interested parties to identify and promote goods and products from forests that are managed in a sustainable manner, As the general public recognizes the potential of forests to address socio-environmental challenges such as climate change, fire and pests, or the preservation of the environment, PEFC is the world’s largest forest certification organization, with more than 230 million hectares of certified forests, an area equivalent to the size of the whole of Mexico or France.

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How can sustainable forest management be achieved?

We must remember that most aspects of our lives are associated with forests in one way or another. They are necessary to combat climate change, to preserve the benefit of present and future generations.

To this end, PEFC has developed different informative materials that will be shared through its social networks and media to promote synergies and the values of alliances (SDG17) among the different actors in the forestry sector.

Founded in 1999 in response to the needs demanded by forest owners, today it is the largest forest certification system in the world, whose purpose is to ensure that the world’s forests are managed sustainably.

In Maderas Ansorena we work with wood whose origin is from sustainably managed forests, we have PEFC certificates for our products, promoting sustainable forest management and guaranteeing you, our customers, that the product you consume takes care of the forests.