What if an electrician does not provide certificate?

Electrical Installation Certificate pdf

Although many people do not know it, the electrical installations of the houses have a document that assures that everything is in order. It is the electronic bulletin or Certificate of Electrical Installation (CIE). We explain what it is, when you will need it, how to get it and how much it costs.

In this bulletin all the characteristics of the installation appear: as what power it has installed and what is the maximum that supports the installation in view of future changes. Also it must have reflected the distribution of all the elements of the electrical installation through a scheme and a plane.

The electrical bulletin is an obligatory document in all the houses, already they are of new work or of second hand. It serves to certify that the electrical installation is in good condition and meets all the technical requirements.

Most often there are no serious problems and the review is completed in less than half an hour. Subsequently, the document must be registered with the official body, which should not take more than a week.

When is the electrical installation certificate required?

The Certificate of Electrical Installation is necessary both for the electricity distributor and for the company that you decide to contract, and it will be necessary to have it available in the following cases: To register the electricity in a new home or premises. When the Electrical Bulletin has expired it is necessary to renew it.

How much does an electrical installation certificate cost?

Request the certificate. The average unregulated cost of the electric bulletin is 186€ and it expires after 20 years. Find out when you can request it.

How to get an electrical installation certificate?

To request the Electrical Bulletin, the user must contact either an authorized electrician or an installation company that performs the electrical inspection and, therefore, issues and stamps the Electrical Installation Certificate.

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Official electrician’s certificate

The Electrical Bulletin or Electrical Installation Certificate (CIE) is the official document that proves that the electrical installation is in proper condition and complies with the safety measures required to have access to energy.

Since there is no fixed price, we recommend that you request several quotes from different authorized installers to find the most economical alternative. Due to the variety of factors that determine the amount of the Electrical Installation Certificate, it can have a price ranging from 70€ to 300€.

The Low Voltage Electrical Installation Certificate can be issued by a company or an authorized electrical installer. Electrical installers authorized by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism must present themselves at the address with an identifying accreditation. Also, there are companies that carry out the Electrical Bulletin online.

Regardless of who signs the Electrical Bulletin, the distributor must verify the installation and send the certificate to the corresponding Autonomous Community, who will review and stamp it before delivering it. Depending on their assessment, the estimated time to process the certificate may vary:

Who can certify an electrical installation?

The authorized electrical installer is the only one who can certify the state of the electrical installation and is in charge of managing the processing of the electrical bulletin for any Spanish province.

What is the Electrical Installation Certificate?

The Electrical Installation Certificate (CIE) is an official document that certifies that an installation complies with all the necessary requirements to supply energy, as well as its energy efficiency rating and its maximum allowable power.

When is it necessary to bulletin water?

The water bulletin is a necessary certification whenever you want to register water, whether in residential buildings, single-family houses, premises, garages, plots, landscaped areas, swimming pool facilities, etc.

Cie sealed by industry

Royal Decree 683/2011, of May 13, which establishes six certificates of professionalism of the Electricity and electronics professional family included in the National Directory of certificates of professionalism and updates the certificate of professionalism established as Annex III in Royal Decree 1214/2009, of July 17.

Law 56/2003, of December 16, 2003, on Employment, establishes, in its Article 3, that the Government, at the proposal of the current Ministry of Labor and Immigration, and after a report from this Ministry to the Sectorial Conference on Employment and Labor Affairs, is responsible for the preparation and approval of the regulatory provisions in relation to, among others, occupational and continuous vocational training at the state level, as well as the development of such regulations.

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For its part, Organic Law 5/2002, of June 19, 2002, understands the National System of Qualifications and Vocational Training as the set of instruments and actions necessary to promote and develop the integration of vocational training offers and the evaluation and accreditation of professional competences. The main instruments of this System are the National Catalog of Professional Qualifications and the procedure for their recognition, evaluation, accreditation and registration. In its article 8, the Organic Law 5/2002, of June 19, establishes that the certificates of professionalism accredit the professional qualifications of those who have obtained them and that they will be issued by the competent Administration, with official character and validity throughout the national territory. Furthermore, in its article 10.1, it indicates that the General State Administration, in accordance with what is established in article 149.1.30.ª and 7.ª of the Constitution and after consulting the General Council of Vocational Training, will determine the titles and certificates of professionalism, which will constitute the offers of vocational training referred to the National Catalog of Professional Qualifications.

Who can sign an electrical installation certificate?

We come then to one of the most controversial parts, who can sign these documents? The legislation is very clear on this matter. According to the REBT (RD 842/2002) only authorized installers can issue these certificates.

When does an electrical installation certificate expire?

Renewing the Electrical Bulletin: as with other types of documents, the Electrical Bulletin has an expiration date of 20 years. When this time has elapsed since it was issued, it is no longer valid and a new one will have to be issued.

How much does a licensed electrician’s firm cost?

qualified for this work? The biggest problem lies in the scarce number of “registered” electricians, which leads to the fact that qualified electricians perform work that a registered electrician will endorse with his signature, at a cost of around four thousand pesos.

Electric bulletin

The Electrical Bulletin is a document that authenticates all the components of the electrical installation, allowing the user to register the electricity in his house and the data that are reflected in the same one are the following ones:

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This document is also known as the “Electrical Installation Certificate”, which the electricity distributor requires from the customer when an energy supply is required and it must be available for the following procedures:

The request of a new Boletín Eléctrico always entails a cost, but an exact price cannot be offered because it depends on the contracted electricity company and also on the type of installation you have in your home.

The certification of the Boletín Eléctrico in Madrid can be done through a professional installer of low voltage electricity. In the Community of Madrid there is a wide range of installers that can perform this service.

The estimated time to obtain it depends on whether the resolution of the Boletín Eléctrico has been favorable or not. If it is positive, it would take from 2 to 5 days to become effective. Otherwise, it would be necessary to wait for a certifying company (EICI) to carry out the inspection, so the time to obtain it would take longer.