What is a Certificate of Free Sale in Vietnam?

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To qualify for preferential treatment, your product must comply with the rules of origin set out in the agreement. Consult the interactive rules of origin self-assessment tool (ROSA) in My Trade Assistant to assess whether your product complies with the rules of origin and to find out how to prepare the correct documents.

The rules of origin are set out in the Protocol concerning the definition of “originating products” and the method of administrative cooperation to the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (OJ L 186, 12.06.2020, p. 1319).

The product must also meet all other applicable requirements specified in the chapter (e.g. insufficient working or processing, non-alteration rule). Additional flexibilities help to meet product-specific standards (e.g. tolerances or cumulation).

What is the function of the Community certificate of origin?

Document used by exporting companies to comply with customs, consular or documentary credit requirements, which certifies the origin of the goods being exported. This certification is essential to determine the tariff applicable to the import in the country of destination of the merchandise.

How to obtain an export certificate?

The certification process must be done on the ICA website, and the requested documents must be uploaded, including the certificate of existence and incorporation of the company before the Chamber of Commerce, a copy of the contract with the agronomist, the land plan, among others.

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What is the export certificate?

It is a document issued by COFEPRIS that certifies that the products or processes comply with the applicable sanitary provisions for their production or commercialization in Mexico.

Smartphones and refurbished cell phones, do they merit originating status?

Annex V – Appendix 2: List of working or processing required to be carried out on non-originating materials in order for the product manufactured to obtain originating status.

If the exporter of the merchandise has the qualification as an Authorized Exporter, he may issue origin declarations with respect to the merchandise to be exported, in accordance with the provisions of the following trade agreements:

Annex V – Appendix 2: List of Working or Processing required to be carried out on non-originating materials in order that the product manufactured can obtain originating status.

What documents exist to show the origin of a product?

The documents that can prove the origin, we repeat that not the origin, are: -The declaration of origin. -The certificate of origin. EUR-1, EUR-MED, FORM-A, ATR and the universal certificate for non-preferential origin.

What is the importance of a certificate of origin?

What is the certificate of origin for? This certificate is used to certify the origin of the goods being transported. … Therefore, any product destined for export and import must have this certificate. This document is issued by the Chamber of Commerce of each country.

What is community origin?

Difference between Community origin and Community status

The origin refers to the country where the goods have been produced. … The community origin will correspond only to the previous cases, but the community status can be granted to a good when it is included in a free practice regime.

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Beyond the figures, it is important to know what is needed to export agricultural products. In this sense, it is necessary for the farmer to obtain certain certifications that provide assurance to buyers of the characteristics of the product and ensure the phytosanitary conditions of the shipment.

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Such certifications not only attest to the phytosanitary conditions and the growing process of the products, but there are also some that refer to the environmental impact of the products.

There are some national and other international certifications, the first ones to be processed are the national ones because without them it will not be possible to request the international ones. In addition, once the certificates have been obtained, a permit for exporting agricultural products must be requested from the ICA.

On the other hand, the handling and impact of chemical products on crops is taken into account in order to certify that they do not have a high presence of these additives that could limit or change the qualities of the final product.

How much does a certificate of origin cost to export?

As with any accreditation, it is necessary to comply with a procedure, which is free of charge in Mexico. The Ministry of Economy (SE) and the One-Stop Shop are in charge of providing and processing the necessary documentation to prove that your products to be exported were obtained or manufactured in Mexico.

How to obtain an import certificate?

Digital Import Certificates may be processed through the Distance Transactions module (TAD) and will be issued digitally by the National Directorate of the National Registry of Motor Vehicle Ownership and Pledged Credits (Dirección Nacional de los Registros Nacionales de la Propiedad del Automotor y de Créditos Prendarios).

What is community merchandise?

They are those that meet any of the following requirements: – That they are obtained entirely in the customs territory of the Community and do not incorporate any goods imported from countries territories located outside the same.

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Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Regulations (TGR) define the country’s requirements for medical device certification. To achieve TGR certification, medical device manufacturers must undergo compliance assessments. The Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) also recognizes the European CE mark, so some manufacturers will already be closer to achieving compliance to enter the Australian market.

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Historically, Australia’s TGA and EU Notified Bodies have conducted conformity assessments of manufacturers’ technical documentation against each other’s regulatory requirements under the Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA).

However, the MRA was updated on January 1, 2013 to exclude a number of device categories, including active implantable devices (AIMDs) and Class III devices, implantable intraocular lenses and intraocular viscoelastic fluids, and barrier devices indicated for contraception or the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. Other exclusions include some specific combination products with drugs or biologics. The amendatory Act also details a redefinition of “manufacturing” and an expansion of the scope to include lower-risk classes of radioactive medical devices. For more information on the changes implemented in the Modification Agreement, please see our eNews update.