What is a CIS tax certificate?

What is a CIS tax certificate?

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Would you like to obtain a digital certificate with which you will identify yourself when signing a document electronically or issuing a tax receipt? Find out about the steps you have to take to apply for it!

In person: Go to any SAT office or at the Tax Services Modules that offer this service, with previous appointment.Internet Appointments: Click here.Note: To obtain your e.signature certificate faster, generate your requirement files (.req), and private key (.Key), download the application here.

What procedures does CIS Puebla perform?

Procedures at the CIS

License plates for new vehicles. Replacement of license plates or registration cards. Receipt of Real Estate Acquisition Tax (ISABI) declarations. Settlement of requirements and licenses.

What is the CIS in Puebla?

The specific actions of the Integral Service Center (CIS) are: – To carry out the attention of procedures and services, sanitary complaints, official reports and administrative resolutions in an agile, clear, timely, transparent and efficient manner.

How can I make an appointment at CIS Puebla?

Schedule your appointment at: (citasenlinea.puebla.gob.mx) presenting the following requirements: Application (original). Certification of documents signed by the owner of the vehicle addressed to the Revenue Department of the Secretariat of Planning and Finance of the State of Puebla.

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Last Saturday, October 19, the Royal Decree 595/2019, of October 18, was published in the Official Gazette of the State, with entry into force on Sunday, October 20, amending the Regulation of the Non-Resident Income Tax (hereinafter, IRNR), approved by Royal Decree 1776/2004, of July 30.

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This Royal Decree amends the IRNR Regulations regarding the accreditation of tax residency by pension funds and collective investment institutions. Proof of residence required for the application of the exemption provided for in letter c) of Article 14 of the IRNR Law on interest and other income obtained from the transfer to third parties of own capital, as well as for capital gains derived from movable property, with certain exceptions, provided that such income is obtained without the intermediation of a permanent establishment, by residents in a Member State of the European Union (hereinafter, EU) or by permanent establishments of such residents located in another EU Member State.

What do they do at CIS?

Functions. Conducting studies that contribute to the scientific knowledge of Spanish society. Conducting studies that contribute to the scientific knowledge of the social reality of the different autonomous communities.

How to schedule an appointment for license plate exchange in Puebla?

Government of Puebla

Schedule your appointment for the voluntary change of license plates, just go to https://citasenlinea.puebla.gob.mx/ and locate the “Vehicle” section.

How to make an appointment for license renewal?

Enter the appointment page at the following link https://citas.jalisco.gob.mx/transporte . Select the location of the module to perform your procedure. Select the type of procedure to be carried out. Register with the required data.

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Invima informed exporters, customs agencies and other foreign trade users of the group of ports, airports and border crossings – PAPF on the procedure to be followed for the issuance of sanitary inspection certificates – CIS for export.

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In this way, and in order to comply with the sanitary obligations at the international exit points of shipments of food, raw materials or secondary ingredients for food intended for human consumption, users must follow the procedure as presented below:

Finally, it should be noted that the procedure mentioned is supported by Decree 2478 of 2018, which establishes the sanitary procedures for the import and export of food, raw materials and secondary ingredients for food intended for human consumption, for the certification and qualification of food factories located abroad or of the inspection, surveillance and control system of the exporting country.

What is a comprehensive service center?

The Integral Service Center is a model[1] of service, organized around a series of elements, that ensures good quality attention to the user, facilitates the management of their procedure or service, listens to their opinions and, based on them, makes the necessary improvements to meet their needs.

What are the finance objectives?

Financial objectives are the set of goals that people set and determine when they begin financial planning for their lives. Each objective will set the direction at the time of making decisions with money based on: A purpose to achieve. A reference point to analyze results.

Where do I go to correct my CURP?

Contact the Attention and Service Center of the National Population Registry of the Ministry of the Interior from Mexico City at 51 28 11 11 and from the rest of the country at 01 800 911 11 11.

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However, the perspective on themselves is very different, with 55.9% recognizing that they are “quite aware and responsible” and 37% “very aware and responsible”. Only 5.6% consider themselves “little or not at all conscious or responsible” in the payment of taxes.

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In the case of Personal Income Tax, 45.2% believe that all or almost all the people they know actually declare all their income when filing their Income Tax Return, followed by 29.5% of those surveyed, who consider that quite a few people do so, and 16.2%, who believe that few people do so. Only 2% consider that no one they know actually declares what they have to the Treasury.

The same occurs with the VAT declaration, where 30.2% say that all or almost all the people they know do it correctly and truthfully, while 26.4% believe that quite a few people do it and 28.4% believe that few of the people they know do it. In this case, 2.8% respond that they do not know anyone who declares VAT in its entirety.