What is a parish clerk?

Que es un despacho parroquial

Una vez que los estudiantes están ocupados, padre, madres, bebés y abuelos cruzan la calle al lote de parque repavimentado en donde la cocina, que fue renovada hace poco, sirve comidas calientes y helado hecho en casa desde las 6:30am hasta las 9pm en la venta parroquial semanal de panadería. mssst.org

Una vez que los alumnos están instalados en clase, padres, madres, bebés y abuelos se dirigen al otro lado de la calle, al aparcamiento repavimentado donde la cocina, recientemente renovada, sirve comidas calientes y helado hecho en casa desde las 6:30 hasta las 21:00 en la venta parroquial semanal de panadería. mssst.org


In the midst of the enormous pain of losing a loved one, in our hearts is kindled the hope of seeing each other again and the certainty that this separation is not forever. And while this happens, the fact of giving a Christian and dignified rest to the remains of our deceased, just as the relics of the saints are venerated, gives us a little comfort and makes us feel a little less separated.

The cinerary is intended to solve the problem of the final disposition of the ashes of the faithful departed in an appropriate and dignified place, in blessed ground. The remains of the deceased who have been cremated and reduced to ashes can find their final resting place in this cinerary, within the parish.

Since the 1st century, Christians have followed the Semitic custom of burying the deceased. It is an express tradition of the Catholic Church that the practice of Christian burial of the faithful is maintained.

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Therefore, it must be emphasized that “the cremated remains of a body should be treated with the same respect given to the bodily remains of a human body. This includes the use of a worthy container to hold the ashes, the manner in which they are carried, the care and attention to properly place and transport them, and the final disposition.”

Functions of a parish office

Every 19th of each month at 7:00 pm (from October to March 7:30 pm).C.A.E. – Council of Economic AffairsCouncil of Economic Affairs | 2019-02-25 11:37:17 | The Council of Parish Economic Affairs constitutes a space of ecclesial co-responsibility of all the baptized that integrate a parish.

– Sol Ramona DE URQUIZA LESCANO – CommentNatalia: Welcome Solcito! – Blessing of Pregnant WomenGeneral Information | 2010-10-07 09:14:45 | Next Saturday, October 16 there will be a blessing of pregnant women on the occasion of the eve of Mother’s Day.

We invite all pregnant women to participate in this Eucharist. – CommentAndrea : How nice it would be to participate in this blessing. … – Baptisms of September 2010Baptismal Catechesis | 2010-10-07 00:00:00 | September 11, 2010:

This reflection (which we will be publishing periodically) wants to invite us to situate ourselves in the context of our parish communities that we are … continue readingIntentions of the Pope | August 2010General Information | 2010-08-02 00:00:00 | In the month of August the Pope proposes us to pray for the following intentions:

Functions of the church secretary

August 29th is the feast day of the Patroness of our Parish, Our Lady of the Guardia. It was on August 29, 1490 when the Virgin Mary appeared to Benedict Pareto, a peasant who lived in a beautiful and cheerful little village in the valley of Genoa, and asked him to build a Chapel on the top of the Mount called the Guardia. Despite Benedict’s refusals, the chapel, little by little, was built and is now a great sanctuary. The Genoese brought the devotion to the Virgin to our lands. First, to the neighborhood of La Boca and then to Bernal, in the province of Buenos Aires. But the Virgin wanted to stay with us, and it was through the family of Don Palmiro Pedemonte that we received not only the devotion but also the image and the donation of the land to build a chapel and a school, which is what we know today as Casa Salesiana San José. Thus, the Virgen de la Guardia is the Patroness and Protector of Puerto Deseado.

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In our parish there are different groups that are always open to receive new members. You can look for information on this page or contact us for more information.