What is a plasma certificate?


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Purpose: To communicate the elaboration of platelet-rich plasma by the health centers, and in case of realization of open technique request for inspection visit as established by the regulations.

What is plasma and what is its function?

It is also called blood plasma, and is the liquid part of the blood. … It contains important proteins that are responsible for vital functions, such as helping the blood to clot and defending the body against infection. The body replenishes plasma quickly and easily.

What are the risks of donating plasma?

Donating plasma too often can damage the immune system. A donor’s immunoglobulin G antibody level should be tested every four months according to FDA guidelines.

What tests are done to donate plasma?

Serological and nucleic acid testing (NAT) is performed to identify viruses. NAT testing can detect certain viruses even before the donor manifests symptoms or generates antibodies.

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Plasma RAPID FREEZERS certified Medical Device 93/42/EEC PLASMAFROST represents a range of rapid freezers specifically developed to freeze bags of fresh plasma at a temperature below -30°C in less than 60 minutes, complying with international standards for the protection of the active principles contained in the plasma.

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What is needed to make plasma?

The blood is received in sterile tubes with 3.8% sodium citrate as anticoagulant. It is centrifuged at 3,200 revolutions per minute (rpm) for 15 min. The result is approximately 2-3 ml of platelet-enriched plasma with varying concentrations.

Where is the plasma located?

Where is the blood plasma? This component is part of the blood, so it is located in the different blood vessels that make up the cardiovascular system, as well as transits through the heart.

What is the function of proteins in plasma?

Blood proteins, also called plasma proteins, are proteins present in blood plasma. They serve many different functions, including the transport of lipids, hormones, vitamins and minerals in the activity and function of the immune system.

Tests performed on blood plasma

The correct diagnosis, personalized approach and adequate therapeutic indication are the success of a treatment, so knowing how and with what to achieve natural results is fundamental. In this course we will focus on Platelet Rich Plasma treatment. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is used for different purposes, among them we can highlight the cutaneous biostimulation or set of procedures to biologically activate the anabolic functions of the fibroblast, mainly the production of collagen type III, elastin and hyaluronic acid from their precursors, proline, lysine, and glucosamine respectively. It is really intended to activate the regenerative systems of each individual.

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For all these reasons, it is essential to establish the guidelines for medical action in relation to the application of the treatment described and to determine the diagnosis, treatment, indications and contraindications of the same, material to be used, aftercare and complications that may arise.

Why can’t women donate plasma?

Exceptions: mothers and transfusion recipients

Women who have been pregnant at some point in their lives cannot be Covid19 plasma donors, because if they have had children or miscarriages, they may generate antibodies that could be harmful to Covid19 patients who receive their plasma.

How long does plasma donation last?

The plasma is recovered in the donation, ingesting an adequate amount of liquids and the platelets are recovered in 48 hours. The procedure takes no more than two and a half hours and allows obtaining plasma to treat an average of three patients with the disease.

How long does it take for the body to recover the plasma?

The donor’s body usually replenishes the liquid part of the blood (plasma) within 72 hours after donation. It usually takes four to eight weeks to regenerate the red blood cells lost during a blood donation.

Platelet Rich Plasma Course Mexico 2021

When offering PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) techniques, it is necessary to carry out a licensing procedure with the Health Department consisting of carrying and guaranteeing a series of documents and procedures.

1.2 Preliminary Analytical Tests – Prior to blood collection for the manufacture of Platelet Rich Plasma, at least the following analytical tests must be performed: -Tests for the detection of infectious agents: Syphilis: serological tests. Hepatitis B: AgHBs. Hepatitis C: Anti-HCV and nucleic acid genomic amplification tests (NAT). HIV I/II: Anti-HIV I/II.

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commercial system. These instructions will be incorporated into the standard operating procedure (SOP) that will be permanently available to the personnel involved and at the disposal of the competent health authority.