What is a practicing certificate law?

What is a practicing certificate law?

Internship Law in Colombia 2020

Some of the repeated questions we receive from our readers refer to the rights of interns, whether they are pre-professionals or professionals. Is it true that the minimum vital remuneration applies to them? What is the working day they must fulfill? Are they entitled to vacations? Do they have to be affiliated to any AFP? Are they entitled to be insured by ESSALUD? Are they entitled to CTS? Are they obliged to work overtime? etc.

In order to answer these questions, we have prepared this article so that our readers are aware of the rights that Peruvian law grants to those who, due to curricular requirements, must obligatorily complete an internship period in order to obtain a certification or degree of academic nature, whether they decide to do the internship while they are still studying or after they have completed their higher education studies.

In fact, higher education institutions do not establish when their students must do their internships. For this reason, some do internships in parallel with their studies, while others do them after graduation. When someone does an internship while studying (or rather while not yet graduated), it is called a pre-professional internship, while when the internship is done after graduation, it is called a professional internship.

What is an internship certificate?

The certificate of completion of the internship is a document issued by the company to the student who has completed the internship at the end of the period.

How to certify internships?

The Educational Institution must issue a certification of previous professional experience, which must state: name and identification of the parties, start date, termination date, activities performed, schedule in which such activities were carried out, and the type of relationship or contract performed.

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What does the law say about professional practices?

There is no national internship law or system in Mexico. However, the labor law establishes that when a company has more than one thousand workers it must incorporate three interns. For this reason, many companies have agreements with universities in order to comply with this regulation.

Internships count as work experience in Colombia.

Through the issuance of Decree 616 of 2021, the National Government regulated Law 2039 of 2020 through which it was established that professional internships performed by students will be equivalent to professional experience, as long as the requirements established in the law are met.

This new regulation represents a significant advance in terms of labor insertion of young people, since it allows them to acquire valuable professional experience in parallel to the development of their professional careers, which will be taken into account later for their entry into the labor market through the issuance of the Certification of Equivalence of Previous Professional Experience.

The Decree establishes as the main requirement for the application of this new measure that the activity to be homologated must have been developed in subjects directly related to the academic or training program studied by the student.

In the first place, the Decree limits the application of this benefit to undergraduate and graduate students of higher education at technical, professional, technological and university level, students of education for work and human development, students of teacher training colleges and SENA apprentices.

What is the law that approves internships as work experience?

This Friday, the Administrative Department of the Civil Service issued Decree 952 of 2021 through which professional internships are recognized as work experience for the labor insertion of young people in the public sector.

Who issues the internship certificate?

The preparation of the certificate of university professional practice is the direct responsibility of the tutor of the company or institution, who, after having received the student’s application and having verified the data issued by the student’s university or study center, will have to draw up a certificate of professional practice for the student’s …

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What is the professional practice?

The internship is usually a student’s first step in the labor market. It is a stage that combines issues typical of a job (the need to achieve a certain degree of productivity, the obligation to obey the orders of a superior, etc.).

Model certificate of professional practices pdf

Among the internships that could be valued are internships, practicums, court cases, service in legal offices, monitoring, labor contracts, service contracts, participation in research groups, apprenticeship contracts and service teaching relationship in the health sector.

Among the practices that could be valued in the selection processes are internships, internships, judicial internships, service in legal offices, monitoring, labor contracts, service contracts, participation in research groups, apprenticeship contracts and service teaching relationship in the health sector.

Law 2039 of 2020 establishes that for internships to be approved, they must be duly certified by the competent authority and will be accredited as valid professional experience, as long as their content is directly related to the academic program studied.

Previous experience will only be valid once the academic program has been completed, even if the respective degree has not been obtained, as long as it does not involve those cases established in Article 128 of Statutory Law 270 of 1996.

When you go on an internship, do they pay the company?

Are internships paid? The company that employs you must pay you for your work. It will be in the form of a grant with an amount that must not be less than 80% of the Public Multiple Effect Income Indicator (IPREM), which currently stands at 537.84 euros per month.

What does a company need to release Internships?

1.7 The Letter of Release of Professional Practices must contain at least: a) Letterhead of the Company where the Professional Practices were carried out. b) Full name of the student and his/her registration number. c) The start and end date of the activities. d) The total number of hours that the student covered.

What should a trainee be paid?

If the contract is for a University Intern, the monthly support must be 100% of one (1) Minimum Monthly Wage in Force. If the contract is for a Student (Special Regime Law 789 of 2002), the monthly support must be 100% of one (1) Minimum Monthly Wage in Force.

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Internships Act 2020

Do you want to help young people starting out in the world of work and at the same time make a profit for your company? If the answer is yes, you may be interested in learning more about the well-known internship contract.

Knowing how to manage this type of contract is important not only to comply with the guidelines established by labor laws and the Workers’ Statute, but also because it brings great benefits in terms of productivity.

It is important not to confuse it with the internship agreement (that which is established with a university or school and may or may not be paid) or the training contract (that in which the worker does not have to have a degree related to the job).

Internship contracts, like any other, are formalized in writing, specifying the worker’s degree, the duration of the contract, the job position to be occupied, the hours of the work and the distribution of these if the working day is part-time (as it can be part-time or full-time). Once the formalization has been made, the company has a term of 10 days to communicate it to the SEPE.