Which AML course is best?

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An AML/CFT program should be risk-based. Certain aspects of a business pose more money laundering risk than others and additional controls will be necessary to mitigate them, while others will present minimal risk and will not require the same level of attention.

2. ML/FT risk management process. – A risk management process based on international standards will be shown, which includes: Performing prior actions, Identification of ML/FT risks inherent to its activity and category of clients, Evaluation of possible occurrences and impacts of the ML/FT risks identified, Implementation of adequate control measures to mitigate the different types and levels of ML/FT risk identified, Permanent monitoring of the results of the applicable controls and their degree of effectiveness, and Documentation, communication and dissemination of the information that is part of the ML/FT risk management. In each of the components of the process, practices will be carried out to strengthen the student’s learning.

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The ACAMS AML Fundamentals online learning offering was developed specifically for individuals who do not have an established background in AML compliance and would benefit from acquiring a solid understanding of the practices involved in the identification, avoidance and reporting of financial crime and money laundering.

Your organization can access tangible benefits by participating in the AML Fundamentals program. The ACAM offers a comprehensive educational and testing tool that will get your employees off to the right start in their AML careers. The organization and the employee will access a range of specific benefits:

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1- AML / CFT Fundamentals.Provides a basic overview and practical understanding of money laundering and counter terrorist financing. Course attendees will learn the key vocabulary and associated attributes.

Financial crimes

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Personal data subject: Natural person whose data are subject to processing. In the context of the present personal data processing policy, the data subjects may be: (i) users of the website; (ii) service providers (iii) customers (iv) workers (v) car drivers (vi) any natural person linked or related to ALD.

Sensitive data: It is personal data that affects the privacy of the Data Subject and whose incorrect use could generate discrimination. Sensitive data are considered, among others, health data, sexual orientation data, racial and ethnic origin, political opinions, religious, philosophical or moral convictions, biometric data, and other data.

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