Can I claim for an accident on a bus?

I was hit by a bus, what do I do?

Whether we feel well or not, we must go to the doctor immediately. On the one hand, this is advisable for our health, as some injuries may take a few days to appear. On the other hand, in order to claim compensation, medical reports detailing the injuries are essential. When claiming compensation, all the evidence proving that the after-effects suffered have been caused by the accident must be collected. Therefore, in addition to the medical reports, it will also be useful to take the data of eyewitnesses and it is essential to take note of the bus license plate number.

What happens if you have an accident on a bus?

Call 112 and immediately alert the driver to stop the bus. This is very important. If the driver is not aware that an injury has occurred, it will be more difficult to make a claim. Bus drivers are required to report any incidents that occur on the bus.

What should I do if I am hit by a bus?

The bus companies will always try to prevent people from filing a complaint, they will try to make them get tired so that they do not claim anything. That is why I always recommend filing a complaint at the police station”, says Gregorio Dalbón, a lawyer specialized in traffic accidents.

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What does public transportation insurance cover?

Guaranteed medical expenses for the driver and those on board at the time of an accident. Assistance for fines and infractions due to environmental damage. Support against assaults or robberies to the unit. Total protection in case the vehicle catches fire.

How to pay for the after-effects of an accident

But, in addition, you can also be compensated for Civil Liability (CR). As in any traffic accident in a private vehicle. This is stated in Article 2.3 of the Regulation: “Compulsory Passenger Insurance does not release transport companies, vehicle drivers or third parties from the civil liability which, fraudulently or culpably, they may incur due to the transport of persons, nor do the benefits paid under this insurance reduce the amount of the aforementioned liability”.

A peculiarity of the Compulsory Traveler’s Insurance is that it does not cover economic loss due to sick leave or expenses derived, for example, from the purchase of medicines and transportation. These concepts can be claimed through the Civil Liability Insurance.

What are land transportation accidents?

Types of Traffic Accidents

According to Bonomie, Nieto, Urdaneta and Pérez (1990) classify accidents as: run-over, overturning, collision, motorcycle versus car, motorcycle versus wall, fall from moving car, among others.

Who pays me while I am on sick leave due to a traffic accident?

➤ Who pays for the sick leave due to a traffic accident? The amount corresponding to the days of sick leave and recovery of injuries is paid by the insurance company of the driver responsible for the accident.

How much is charged per day of sick leave due to a 2020 traffic accident?

For each day of moderate personal injury (inability to perform the tasks of your daily life) you will be paid 54.78 euros. For each day of basic personal injury you will be paid 31.61 euros.

Compensation for bus accident

If the vehicle responsible for the accident was a hit-and-run vehicle, you may be able to claim compensation from the Insurance Compensation Consortium. These injuries may be the result of sudden braking or acceleration or an accident with another vehicle in question.

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Therefore, such driver must exercise extreme diligence in avoiding abrupt maneuvers and therefore the driver’s conduct is negligent. In this sense, he must wait for all passengers to take their seats or to be properly restrained.

In addition to this indemnity that we have just exposed below for days and sequels, for only acquiring with the transport title, ticket or ticket, you will be entitled to an indemnity in charge of the Compulsory Insurance of Travelers (the SOV).

Therefore, it is an insurance whose risk is the person of the insured traveler. This implies that it covers all those risks that may affect his health, the interest corresponding to the person who is the object of the risk.

How long does it take to collect a traffic accident compensation?

How long does it take to collect compensation for injuries after an accident? Most commonly, you will be paid between 30 and 60 days after you are released from the hospital.

How to denounce groups?

To make a query, claim or complaint call 0800-222-3683 or meet us at Diogenes Taborda 116, CABA from 8am to 5pm.

What insurance pays in a crash?

In a chain collision, which insurance company pays? The insurance company of the vehicle that causes the accident is the one that must pay for all damages.

Public transportation accident lawsuit

There is a lot of ignorance about the rights you have if you are the victim of an accident while traveling in any of these means of transportation, and for this reason many claims are not processed.

If the accident occurs, you must take into account that as a passenger you are considered an occupant, and therefore, you are a passive element that does not intervene in the dynamics of the accident, which gives you the right to always claim compensation in these cases.

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In this case, the claim is addressed to the insurer of the vehicle responsible for the accident, in addition to being able, as in the previous case, to receive additional compensation from the Compulsory Passenger Insurance.

In these cases it is also possible to claim compensation provided that it is possible to prove the intervention of the third party with witnesses or an Attestation, in which case the Insurance Compensation Consortium will compensate you.

You can also claim compensation from the SOV in the event that you have had an accidental or fortuitous fall through your own fault and without the intervention of anyone else (except in cases where you cause the accident by traveling under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or by fraudulent conduct).