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In order to offer a quality service to its policyholders, Cigna offers the following services (“Services”) free of charge that will make everything easier and more comfortable for them during their stay in the hospital centers described below:

When the insured makes the admission formalities, the hospital center will deliver, together with all the documentation, a Videofolder, a support that Cigna has created to inform its insureds of all the advantages they have for being Cigna insured and staying admitted in the aforementioned hospital centers.

The inside includes an explanatory video explaining the advantages that Cigna offers in said hospital center; a corporate video about Cigna and a video about the hospital center where the insured is. Also enclosed is a Mastercard preloaded with 25 € to help pay for the parking, with instructions for its correct activation.

Cigna peru

In our clinics we offer the most complete dentistry services, with our own staff and with a wide availability. Proof of this is that our clinics are open from 10:00 to 14:00 and from 16:00 to 21:00 in order to comfortably attend each of our patients. Below is a list of each and every one of the services offered at our clinics:

If you have Cigna medical insurance and wish to access the services of our dental clinics, please contact us and we will help you to improve your oral health. We are at your complete disposal at 915465340 in Getafe and 916801561 in Leganés.

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CIGNA GUIDED SOLUTIONS®A better way to purchase your benefitsSign in here:      IRINDIVIDUALS AND FAMILIESAcquiring your group health benefits is easier than ever! Let Cigna Guided Solutions help you enroll.OPTIONSAll your group health plan options in one place.EASEChoose a plan that’s right for you. CONVENIENCEFrom home or wherever you are, enroll in the plan options you choose through the easy-to-use online enrollment website.Purchase all the benefits you need in one placeWith Cigna Guided Solutions, purchasing your health benefits online is easier than ever:

You’ve long been looking to partner with someone who can give you the benefits management technology you need in one comprehensive package. Well, look no further. With Cigna Guided Solutions, we provide a convenient benefits administration solution for you and your employees.

Cigna Guided Solutions offers a simplified administration tool that can help you meet your enrollment needs while enabling your employees to make the right decisions for them. We also offer the ability to control or stabilize costs with innovative funding options and a defined contribution. Our decision support tools have advanced analytics capabilities that provide personalized guidance to support employee purchasing decisions. In addition, we provide greater cost transparency, so employees can make value-based decisions and recognize the investment you are making in their benefits.

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Your health plan does not cover non-emergency services from an out-of-network provider. You will pay a higher cost-sharing amount for these services than you would pay for the same services from an in-network provider. This may include deductible, coinsurance and other out-of-pocket amounts.

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When you visit an in-network provider, show your ID card and pay any required copayments. After your visit, the provider will send us a bill. We call this bill a claim. We will process the claim according to the terms of your insurance plan and any outstanding payments will be made directly to the provider.

If your provider does not agree to send a bill on your behalf, you will need to send a completed claim form and itemized bill to the address on your ID card. Request a medical ID card.

You have the right to appeal when a claim is not paid. Appeal rights and time frames may vary by state. Your policy will include complete information about your appeal and grievance rights.