How do doctors test for whiplash?

Whiplash symptoms

Your doctor will ask you questions about your neck injury and your medical history. Your doctor will carefully examine your head and neck. You may need x-rays to make sure you do not have fractures in your neck bones. You may also need an imaging test, such as a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or computed tomography (CT) scan to check for other injuries.

It takes up to 3 months for the neck to heal, although most of the pain may disappear in less time. More severe cases of whiplash may take longer, but usually improve within 6 to 12 months.

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Where does it hurt when you have whiplash?

Whiplash: Symptoms of whiplash

The main symptoms of ‘whiplash’ are: Cervical pain that appears shortly after the accident and may become maximal in 1 or 2 days. It can give pain referred to the shoulder or arm. Interscapular or lumbar pain.

What is the name of the cervical specialist?

There are several specialists who can treat neck pain problems. In the first place, for the diagnosis and first treatment of the problem, the Rheumatologist or the Traumatologist will be in charge of diagnosing the problem.

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How many disability points does whiplash have?

A simple cervicalgia, after a cervical sprain, will be valued between 1-5 points in the scale, while a cervical post-traumatic syndrome can reach 8 points.

Whiplash physical therapy

When involved in a car accident in New York City, the physical and emotional trauma can be a challenge to overcome. Although drivers often experience pain after a car accident, many are unaware of the severity of their injuries after the car accident. If someone has whiplash after a car accident, the condition may not be noticeable for a few hours or days. At Accident Help Zone, we have a list of experienced medical providers who can help determine the extent of injuries after a car accident. Here are some tips for diagnosing and treating whiplash.

Depending on the severity of the condition, whiplash treatment can take several days or weeks. In less severe cases, whiplash sufferers, after receiving a diagnosis from a physician, usually recover at home without the help of a therapist.

Although x-rays cannot detect whiplash, a physician will perform x-rays to rule out a broken bone or other serious condition. Some of the treatments for whiplash include:

How long does it take to recover from whiplash?

How long does it normally take to recover from a cervical sprain? Statistical data. It is estimated that the complete elimination of pain, in half of the cases, requires a time between 1 and 3 months, 40% of patients are estimated to require a year to fully recover the damage suffered.

What is the best muscle relaxant for the neck?

Acetaminophen (Tylenol and generic), ibuprofen (Advil and generic) and naproxen (Aleve and generic) work better than prescription muscle relaxants, research suggests.

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How much do you usually compensate for whiplash?

Compensation in case of cervical sprain is set according to scales, depending on each injury and its sequels. At Indemnización por Accidente we handle about 1,000 claims per year for whiplash and the average compensation ranges between 3,000 and 6,000 euros.

Whiplash affected muscles

The following work has made a bibliographical search of articles published from 2000 to 2007, referring of whiplash and the different physiotherapy treatments applied for its resolution, in order to analyze the efficacy of physiotherapy applied to whiplash-associated disorders and compare the different therapeutic approaches inside this field.

It is due to road accidents and involves social, economic and medical factors, which make its objective definition and treatment open to different interpretations.

It is the result of blunt trauma to the cervical spine with elongation of the ligamentous and muscular elements by a process of acceleration-deceleration, usually produced in a traffic accident due to rear impacts.

The term whiplash was defined in 1928 by Crowe8,12,13,17,19 during a conference who described it as “mechanism of sudden subluxation by hyperextension followed by hyperflexion of the nape of the neck”.

How much is 1 sequel point worth?

Aesthetic sequelae:

It is valued from 1-50 points being the average value of each point of about 1000 euros. In such a way that anyone who due to a traffic accident results with scars, burns, amputations, lameness, etc., in addition to the other concepts, his compensation would be increased by this sequel.

How much are you compensated for whiplash?

In sum, the compensation for whiplash usually ranges: About 2,000-2500 euros in a Grade I. Between 2,500 and 5,000 in a Grade II. Up to 10,000 euros in a grade III.

What are the consequences of a cervical sprain?

Limited cervical movement.

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Head conditions such as dizziness, pain, blurred vision, nausea and vertigo. Tinnitus, i.e., noises in the ears. Tingling and numbness of shoulders, hands, arms and legs. Depending on the location and existence of a spinal cord contusion.

Cervical sprain sequelae

In what case is a cervical sprain compensated according to the Schedule? In view of the above, and the obstacles that the current Schedule places on compensation, it is important to know when we are entitled to receive compensation for whiplash or other whiplash injuries.

Medical protocol to obtain compensation for cervical sprainWith the current Schedule, it is possible to continue receiving compensation for cervical sprain, however, as we have seen, it is important to follow a proper medical protocol.