How do I ask for a dentist refund?

Where to report a bad dental treatment in colombia

In particular, they refer to the so-called “money refunds” from the professionals to the patients, when these -for some reason- have formulated a claim and it is decided to put “end” to the claim or difference, by means of such mechanism.

We believe it is advisable -given the above-, to establish certain minimum guidelines or parameters that must be observed at the time of making the decision to carry out such an act, which, from the legal point of view, may have unsuspected consequences of such nature, since apparently, such fact may result for the professional as the “end of the problem”, a matter that -in certain cases- is far from being so, since sometimes it constitutes the beginning of the problem.

Therefore, and without prejudice of resorting to a lawyer, before proceeding to “return” money or the “price” of the “services”, the following guidelines should be observed as a minimum precaution:

Therefore, it is always necessary and/or advisable, for this type of situations, no matter how low the value of the refund may be, to resort to a legal professional, since it has been proven that in the end this type of situations do not always end in the same way.

Refund of money for dental treatment

It serves to recover all or part of the extra-institutional medical expenses, derived from the impossibility, refusal, medical or administrative deficiency of the medical service requested in the medical units of the Instituto de Seguridad y Servicios Sociales de los Trabajadores del Estado (ISSSTE) (Institute of Security and Social Services of the State Workers).

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Invoices and/or receipts of fees in favor of the promoter or patient, in accordance with the established in the Fiscal Code of the Federation, as well as the description and breakdown of the concepts contained in the same.

*The Reimbursement Request Form is at your disposal at any of the Units of Attention to the Beneficiary and Social Communication of the State and Regional Delegations or, in its case, it can be a free writing.


As a Dental Professional you are not exempt from patients requesting an immediate refund of the money they have paid you for the dental services you have provided. Have you ever been asked for a refund? What have you done in those situations?

It is clear and straightforward why patients ask for a refund: Dissatisfaction with the service received. The client (patient) is totally dissatisfied because from his perception he is not pleased with your work or that of one of your collaborators.

We can refuse to return any money if we consider repeating the work done and thus satisfy the client, however there are occasions where the client (patient) is so upset that he/she will not accept the repetition of the work.

The voucher is provided to the patient to 1. repeat the service for free or 2. exchange it for another service. Imagine that the resin was not satisfactory, it fell out, but the patient accepts a voucher to use it better for a tooth whitening and thus have a satisfied patient reversing the first anger. At this point you can get to the same situation where the client (patient) is so upset that he will not accept any voucher because he is so upset with the clinic in general that he does not want to be treated there anymore.

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Where to report bad dental treatment

With the European Health Insurance Card you can receive health care, and claim reimbursement of expenses, under the same conditions as the citizens of the country you are in. If the treatment you need is free for residents of the country, you will not have to pay anything. If the treatment is paid for, you can claim reimbursement from the national agency of the country where you are staying and get it there, or claim reimbursement from your insurer when you return to your home country.

Anna has compulsory medical coverage in France, and is spending a few months in Belgium to finish her studies. She has a European Health Insurance Card with her, issued in France. She is pregnant and will give birth in Belgium. Pregnancy and childbirth are considered medical emergencies, so Anna can simply present her EHIC and identity card to receive medical care in Belgium.

However, if Anna is traveling to Belgium specifically to give birth, Belgium may not accept her European Health Insurance Card: she should instead make arrangements to give birth abroad before she travels. That way she will know in advance what expenses are covered.