How do I file a claim with Kia?


KIA Motors Mexico launched on August 17 the Customer Service system at the corporate level, and no longer in each agency, in order to centralize comments and complaints from consumers of the brand. Al Volante has found out that KIA has its operations center in Paseo de la Reforma, making it the closest automaker to downtown Mexico City and concentrating its call center there. The people who attend the Contact Center (01800-5050542) have received a minimum of three months of training (Foto Al Volante), (Apuntes Al Volante).

Kia complaints to profeco

However, the dealer, “Manuel García S.L.”, has different objectives as a company: to sell as many cars as possible. And yes, it is obviously interested in providing good service and customer loyalty, but the temptation to wriggle out of the situation and move on to something else is much greater.

Just today a friend was telling me about his experience. He had just bought a car, and it was delivered with corroded paint. What to do? Well, it is possible that the dealer will take care of it and fix it. And if they don’t?

If you make a complaint at the dealership, it is possible that it will not reach the brand, and that the head of the dealership will not be interested in solving the problem. As I say, this is a hypothetical case, it is not that the dealers never solve the problems, otherwise they would not exist.

However, if we make a complaint to the brand, the brand will investigate the case. And if the dealer has committed any irregularity, they will be the first interested in solving it, since “Manuel García S.L.” is failing to comply with the commitment of quality and customer satisfaction by delivering a defective product.

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On January 31, 2017 I was sold at the Selikar Leganes dealership located in Avd Carlos Sainz, No. 43, a Kia Niro Drive registration 3647 JWM although they did not deliver it to me until early February, after a review of the car and tuning. Since the delivery until June 23 I have taken the car to the workshop 4 times for the same engine failure that I describe below.

In the month of March, it gave again the same failure intermittently. I took it to the garage again and this time they told me that if the light came on, even intermittently, it was because the car had something wrong with it. This time it took them 3 days to diagnose it. They told me that I had a bad probe and that they had ordered the part, that once they put it in, before giving it to me, they would test it. But when the part arrived, they had made a mistake and it did not work. They had to order another part, with the consequent delay. During that time, I was calling the workshop every day and the person in charge of the brand at the workshop would not pick up the phone or contact me to tell me anything about the car so that I could get organized. I put a claim in the infokia service and the person who had my file was also trying to contact the person in charge of the brand to know about the car, but he did not answer, so during the 6 days he was in the workshop, I could not have a replacement car. When they gave me the car they explained to me that it had come defective and that they had already tested it and it was in good condition.

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Kia Customer Service

When the car or motorcycle is delivered to us after its passage through the workshop (official brand or independent), we are entitled to a warranty on the repair of three months or 2,000 kilometers traveled (fifteen days in commercial vehicles) whichever comes first, as long as we do not make subsequent manipulations in other workshops or on our own.

If we have to claim against the garage for any reason (it does not agree to attend our request under warranty, it does not have or denies us the claim forms, the car is not working properly and they “play dumb”, etc.), the law is on our side.

The garages are obliged to have complaint forms. If they do not have them at that moment or they refuse to hand them over, it is interesting to make the Municipal Police present themselves so that they can file a report.

Keep in mind that consumers can complain in situ in writing, or at any other time or by any other means than the complaint forms. It will be enough a detailed writing enclosing the documentation that is necessary.