How is whiplash settlement calculated?

How is whiplash settlement calculated?

How to pay for the after-effects of an accident

The cervical sprain or post-traumatic cervicalgia is an injury that affects the ligaments that are in the neck due to a distortion by a sudden and violent movement as a result of an accident.

Normally this cervical sprain occurs when the vehicle suffers a rear-end collision although it is also possible in other types of accidents and even in run over vehicles. The suddenness or surprise of the collision or impact produces a whiplike motion in the neck or cervical region.

The first thing to do after starting with these symptoms is to go immediately to the hospital to be assessed. In addition, it is essential in order to claim whiplash compensation that you have a medical report within 72 hours after the accident. In case of not having a medical assistance after three days after the accident, it will not be possible to claim a compensation.

Regarding the compensation for cervical sprain, our accident lawyers usually obtain compensation of between 2,000 to 3,000 € in the most minor cases. However, it depends on many factors that can increase (or even reduce) it. In the most serious cases we have obtained compensations of more than 30,000 € for hernias after traffic accidents.

How much is 1 sequel point worth?

Aesthetic sequelae:

It is valued from 1-50 points being the average value of each point of about 1000 euros. In such a way that anyone who due to a traffic accident results with scars, burns, amputations, lameness, etc., in addition to the other concepts, his compensation would be increased by this sequel.

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How many sequel stitches for cervicalgia?

A simple cervicalgia, after a cervical sprain, will be valued between 1-5 points in the scale, while a cervical post-traumatic syndrome can reach 8 points. That is why there is a notable difference in the amounts of accident compensation to be received for one or the other sequela.

How is compensation for an accident calculated?

Calculation: 100% of the BASE MONTHLY income x % of the disability + family allowances with a minimum amount plus an additional benefit + an additional 20% on the compensation for moral and psychological damages.

Compensation for minor injuries

Today we resort to the explanation of our lawyers friends of Accident Compensation to check what would be the compensation that would correspond to you for a whiplash, let’s say that in the month of May 2020 you were driving your car and a car has hit you from behind, you felt some discomfort in the neck (first symptoms of a cervical sprain), you went to the doctor and wisely decided to claim compensation.

That’s right, we all would like to be told two days after the whiplash, hey, you are entitled to 5000 € of compensation, but it is not so, there are many variables to take into account, one of them, perhaps the most important of all, are the sequelae, and these will not be known until a good time has passed since your accident.

The insurance company offered her 2000 € in compensation for her injury, alleging that she did not work and therefore, all the damage suffered was basic. She decided to put herself in the hands of specialized lawyers who made her be seen by a forensic doctor who really valued the damage of each day that she was injured…

What are considered sequels?

According to the schedule, sequelae are those physical, intellectual, organic and sensory impairments and aesthetic damages derived from an injury that persist after the healing period (medical discharge), i.e. an injury of indefinite duration.

What are sequel points?

This is a table that lists the possible consequences and the compensation to which one is entitled in the event of an accident and if the accident has consequences for the injured party. The after-effects will be taken into account according to their intensity and seriousness, always looking at it from a physical or functional point of view.

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How much is charged for traffic accidents 2021?


Day of very serious injury = 105,35 € Day of serious injury = 79,02 € Day of moderate injury = 54,78 € Day of basic injury = 31,61 € Day of moderate injury = 54,78 € Day of basic injury = 31,61 € Day of moderate injury = 54,78 € Day of basic injury = 31,61 €

Traffic accident disability point value 2020

Have you been involved in an accident? Now you can calculate your whiplash compensation in less than 2 minutes.1. BASIC AND INDIVIDUAL PERSONAL INJURY In this section we will calculate the whiplash compensation for the days it has taken the injured person to recover. These days, in which the “loss of quality of life” is a determining factor, can be basic, moderate, severe and very severe.Days of basic personal injury

0Total days2. CONSEQUENCES AND ADDITIONAL EXPENSES This section is of great importance. It is responsible for calculating both the physical (pain, mobility limitations, loss of functionality, etc.) and psychological after-effects suffered as a result of the accident. In addition, expenses derived from medication, transportation and other concepts should be included. Have you suffered physical or psychological after-effects?

How much is paid per day of sick leave due to a traffic accident?

The days of sick leave due to a traffic accident are impeditive days, for which an amount of 59 Euros will be received for each of the days of sick leave. This amount is increased to 70 Euros for each day of hospitalization.

How long does it take to recover from whiplash?

How long does it normally take to recover from a cervical sprain? Statistical data. It is estimated that the complete elimination of pain, in half of the cases, requires a time between 1 and 3 months, 40% of patients are estimated to require a year to fully recover the damage suffered.

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How much time off work for neck pain?

When suffering from cervicalgia or whiplash, it is highly recommended to rest for a few days in order to reduce inflammation and discomfort: the time off work can range from 15 to 90 days.

Workers’ Compensation Simulator

Whiplash or cervical sprain is the most frequent injury in traffic accidents. In this article we are going to explain what it is, what compensation you are entitled to for this injury and the problems that many injured people encounter when claiming for it.

The most typical collision is the rear-end collision, i.e., a car hitting another car from behind as a result of braking or of the vehicles being stopped and the approaching driver not noticing it.

However, in most cases, injuries of such seriousness do not occur and what appears is a pain that, sometimes, it is difficult to determine the injury that produces it. This is when doctors usually speak of whiplash, whiplash syndrome, post-traumatic cervical syndrome or cervical sprain. Let’s see what is what.

As we have said, when after a whiplash the patient presents pain in the area but no specific injuries such as hernias, fractures, etc. can be determined, doctors usually speak of cervical sprain.