How long do car accident settlements take?

How much time do I have to report a collision?

However, it will be the judicial arbitration that, according to the personal criteria of the evaluator, will determine the corresponding amount, particularly for those unpaid activities, such as housewife or housewife.

In short, it is always important to have the advice of lawyers specialized in traffic accidents so that, a priori, they can give us an idea of what is the compensation that corresponds for a traffic accident in order to guide us on what are the steps to follow to achieve the COLLECTION OF THE BEST INDEMNIFICATION possible.

How long does it take to compensate a traffic accident?

How long does it take to collect compensation for injuries after an accident? Most commonly, you will be paid between 30 and 60 days after you are released from the hospital.

How long does an accident claim last?

Many victims wonder how long an accident claim takes, however, the answer is not simple. It depends on the case, but it usually takes anywhere from a few months to several years. Sometimes a settlement can be reached in as little as a few months.

What is compensated in a traffic accident?

The material damages refer, in the first place, to the damages suffered in our vehicle, motorcycle, bicycle, etc. Compensation, in these cases, may consist of the repair of such damage, after an expert appraisal of the same, or the payment of the claim, if the amount of the repair exceeds its market value.

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Cervical surgery in a traffic accident

It is not easy for the victim of a traffic accident to know what he/she can claim from the insurance company and in DEMANDA TU LESION we know the questions that any injured party asks himself/herself about what is compensated in a traffic accident:

But this is not always the case because the insurers, who defend their own interest and not that of the injured party, put all kinds of obstacles to fulfill their obligation to compensate and their offers are, almost always, lower than those that correspond to the victim.

Compensation for temporary injuries includes both the time it takes for the victim to recover from the date of the accident until he/she is discharged from hospital (temporary injuries), and the possible sequelae, both functional and aesthetic, that remain after reaching stability (permanent injuries).

This concept is contemplated in Table 3.A of the Traffic Schedule, and is the economic compensation that any victim of a traffic accident will receive for having suffered these specific injuries.

How long does it take for the insurance company to pay?

In conclusion, and according to the law, insurance companies take at most 40 days to pay the first amount of the guarantee or to manage the repair or replacement of the insured objects.

How long does it take to receive an indemnity?

The amount of the indemnity shall be paid by the entity that retires the employee and must be paid in cash within two (2) months following the issuance of the act of liquidation of the same.

How long does it take Reale to pay compensation?

As a general rule, your insurer must pay a claim for the minimum amount within 40 days of notification of a claim.

Reporting a traffic accident

Normally, you don’t think about what your rights are with the insurance company when you are involved in a car accident until it happens. And then you find yourself overwhelmed with the number of issues to consider. Below is a summary of the most important ones so that you know what your rights and obligations are as a user in a traffic accident.

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As the injured party in a traffic accident, the insurer is obliged to compensate you for the repair of the accident. Only if you consent, the insurance company can repair your vehicle in full and, at the same time, provide you with a replacement vehicle of similar characteristics to yours free of charge during the time you are without it.

Also, and only if you consent, the insurance may compensate you for the full cost of a vehicle of similar or identical characteristics to yours (market value at actual market price) plus expenses (traffic taxes, agency fees for change of name, transport, etc.), in the event that the value of the repair of your vehicle exceeds the cost of one of similar characteristics to yours on the second-hand market, which is known as total loss of the vehicle (art. 18 Law 50/1980 and Supreme Court Ruling No. 997/02 23/10/2002).

How much can be won in a car accident lawsuit?

This means that a driver’s policy can pay up to $15,000 in bodily injury for a single individual and up to $30,000 for an entire accident.

Who pays the compensation for a traffic accident?

In general, your insurance company will be responsible for the compensation for the traffic accident, since it is the one who is vicariously liable for the accident.

How much is charged for traffic accidents 2021?


Day of very serious injury = 105,35 € Day of serious injury = 79,02 € Day of moderate injury = 54,78 € Day of basic injury = 31,61 € Day of moderate injury = 54,78 € Day of basic injury = 31,61 € Day of moderate injury = 54,78 € Day of basic injury = 31,61 €

A flooded car is a total loss

When buying a car, it is usually a good option to buy a second-hand vehicle. There are two options on the market: buying it from a company or from a private individual. The fundamental differences are two:

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In the case that the purchase of the vehicle is not made between individuals, but one of them is a professional or self-employed, you can not make the payment in cash if the agreed price is more than 2,500 €, always in this case a transfer must be made.

After the liquidation of the tax it is necessary to proceed to the change of ownership in the registry at the Dirección General de Tráfico. To do so, it is necessary to make an appointment through the internet (in this link) or by calling 060.

The buyer has a period of 15 days to send the copy of the registration certificate stating that the vehicle is already in his name. In case he does not meet this deadline, the seller must go to a Traffic Headquarters to communicate the sale of the vehicle, and thus avoid problems of fines and penalties.