How many types of claim forms are there?

How many types of claim forms are there?

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The complaint forms consist of three copies: a white one for the Administration, a green or yellow one for the consumer and a pink one for the company. The consumer should keep the first two.

Once completed, he/she should take the copy for the Administration to the consumer organizations, either personally, or send it by administrative mail through a post office, keeping the green or yellow one as proof.

It is also advisable to provide the Administration with all the documentation related to the matter with the documentary evidence at your disposal, such as invoices, technical reports, repair reports, photographs, invoices, etc.

The regulation of the complaint forms depends on each Autonomous Community, and there are differences in terms of the deadline for submission, depending on whether the establishment answers or not and the response time to be expected.

Problems with the garage, purchase and sale of vehicles, abusive invoices, service cancellations, travel cancellations, purchase refunds… We have a large team of lawyers who are experts in all matters.

What types of claim forms are there?

The complaint forms consist of three copies: a white one for the Administration, a green or yellow one for the consumer and a pink one for the company.

How many are the claim forms?

The claim form is composed of three sheets, all with the same content, and of different colors, since each one has a different purpose: The original sheet is white, and it is the one that must be presented to the competent Public Administration. The sheet that we keep, which is green in color.

What should the complaint forms look like?

State clearly and concisely the reason for your complaint, what you are requesting and the date. The form is self-copying and consists of three sheets. One is for the establishment or complainant, one for the Administration and one for the consumer. So sign it and deliver the corresponding copy to the complained establishment.

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What to do if I am not treated in a hospital

In the complaint, the consumer can state his complaints by expressly mentioning a specific claim (for example, refund of the price of a good), or simply state what he considers to be an infringement. In this case, the complaint sent to the administration would have the character of a denunciation.

In the case of a specific complaint from the customer, the administration can act as a mediator in the conflict between the two parties. The competent administration receives the complaint form and opens proceedings to verify the complaint and can mediate in the conflict, even referring the parties involved to an arbitration procedure. This arbitration procedure, if accepted by the parties, would replace the ordinary jurisdiction, which in any other case would always remain at the disposal of the consumer.

The most frequent complaints, related to the quality of the product, are usually for being in poor condition, not meeting the promised standard, not being as expected or other reasons. There may also be complaints about the service, due to delays or non-compliance with dates, not being sufficiently satisfactory or not complying with the contract, among others. In relation to the price, the reasons for which claims are usually made are due to errors in the application of the price in the order or invoice, the inclusion of V.A.T. not foreseen by the customer, finding the product at another price from another supplier or a misinterpretation by the customer. Regarding technical complaints, they may concern a general malfunction or a malfunction of a particular part, too many breakdowns or too much time spent on maintenance. On the other hand, complaints about staff service are usually made because the customer does not feel adequately cared for.

How much does it cost to file a claim form?

It is free of charge and its decision will be binding, that is to say, what it decides will be equivalent to a court sentence.

What happens after filing a claim form?

But then, what about the complaint forms? These sheets must be taken to the Consumer’s Office and there, the complaint will be analyzed. The company can respond to it and then the Office will come to a conclusion that has to be notified to both parties.

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Who is the claimant and the respondent?

– The complainant will then hand the complaint forms to the citizen (“complainant”), who will provide the data corresponding to his/her identification, the facts on which his/her complaint, denunciation or claim is based and, in the latter case, the request made to the complainant in an express and clear manner.

Signs of a complaint

When we buy a product or receive a service, it is possible that its characteristics do not correspond to what we had expected for different reasons for which we consider that, as consumers, we should complain. In this case, we have the right to make a complaint by means of what is known as a complaint form. Although it is not difficult, we are going to see, step by step, how to fill out a complaint form correctly so that our complaint as a user is effective if we ever find ourselves in the need to make a claim.

In addition, they are obliged to communicate it to the citizen. We will all have seen in various establishments a legend that says “complaint forms are available to the customer”.  We can find out about the procedure for filling out a complaint form at the OCU (Organization of Consumers and Users).

It is then that the Administration contacts the establishment, in terms of mediator, and if it has committed an infringement, it will be sanctioned by law. We, as users, can receive the amount of the good or service for which we have complained and that the issue does not go further, although there are times when it comes to lawsuits and arbitration between consumer and company.

How long do I have to file a claim form?

Initially, the consumer will deliver the corresponding copy to the company and will keep his own and the Administration’s copy. Since to register the Complaint Form it will be necessary to wait the administrative term of 10 working days for the complained party to answer the complaint.

How long does it take for Consumo to resolve a complaint?

Yes, when a complaint or claim has been filed against a company, establishment or center, they are obliged to provide a response or reply within 10 working days, by means of a reasoned written statement.

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What happens if I don’t get a claim form?

Faqs. If when requesting the complaint form to an establishment we find a refusal to provide it to us, we have to call the Local Police. Once the agents of the order are present, we will request the sheet again. The Local Police will draw up a report if the company still refuses to give us the sheet…

Complaint form pdf

The complaint form is a standardized form made available to consumers and users to facilitate the exercise of their right to complain in order to correct situations of inferiority, subordination or helplessness.  Its use is intended to make the system for resolving consumer disputes more rational and efficient. Its use makes it possible to record the complaint both in the establishment and in the Administration, facilitating the latter’s intervention.

In the establishment itself where the conflict has originated. All companies, commercial establishments, professionals… that sell goods or provide services in the Basque Country, including home service providers, must have complaint forms available to consumers and users.

If the complaint form is filled out at the establishment itself, the pink copy must be left there. The original white copy (or, if applicable, the claim form) must be delivered or sent by post, together with the rest of the documentation, to one of the following bodies: