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* Check if your reservation has any restriction that does not allow the hiring of extra luggage. Check the conditions here . * Service not available online if you already have extra baggage or if any of the flights are not operated by Air Europa.

You can travel more comfortably by booking a window, aisle or XL seat. Service available from 4€. Prices per way, non-refundable. Service available up to 48h before flight departure.

Please reserve your seat through our online check-in service. You can also complete your request at the check-in desk at the airport or by phone at our Customer Service.

Refers to those locations, other than departure and destination locations, set forth on the Ticket or indicated in the Carrier’s itineraries as scheduled stopovers on the passenger’s journey.

Means the passenger sales agent appointed by the Carrier to represent it in the sale of passenger air transportation for its services and, where authorized, for the services of other air carriers.

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In this way, our services will never end up with unpleasant surprises, since you can always calculate your cab fare in Madrid, taking into consideration the different variables involved, such as time slots or days of the week, the request by phone or telematic or the possible supplements to be applied. You will also find the amount and how the so-called supplements are applied; supplements that are applicable to services related to the airport, major transport terminals or the Parque Ferial Juan Carlos I. In short, for your trips between any origin and destination within our coverage area you can get an approximate idea of the price to be paid, always subject to the duration and final mileage of the service. Whether you need a cab in Colmenar Viejo, Navalcarnero, Ciempozuelos… or in any town you see on our map, you will receive the service in a comfortable, fast and transparent way.

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Paracuellos de Jarama or Loeches- and always with the guarantee of paying the fair and officially established amount, always arriving punctually wherever you need, based on the professionalism and reliability of our drivers, who in turn have vehicles equipped with the comfort and safety you deserve. All this, without forgetting the important options of accessibility that we offer within our extensive fleet of cabs.

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Having regard to Directive 95/46/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 24 October 1995 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (1), and in particular Article 25(6) thereof,

Directive 95/46/EC lays down the rules governing transfers of personal data from Member States to third countries in so far as such transfers fall within the scope of that instrument.

Article 1 of Directive 95/46/EC and recitals 2 and 10 of its Explanatory Memorandum aim to ensure not only effective and comprehensive protection of the fundamental rights and freedoms of natural persons, in particular the fundamental right to respect for privacy with regard to the processing of personal data, but also a high level of protection of fundamental rights and freedoms (3).

The importance of the fundamental right to respect for private life, guaranteed by Article 7, and the fundamental right to the protection of personal data, guaranteed by Article 8 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, has been underlined in the case law of the Court of Justice (4).

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A.4 Indicate, if applicable, the relationships of a family, commercial, contractual or corporate nature that exist between the owners of significant shareholdings, to the extent that they are known to the company, unless they are of little relevance or derive from the ordinary course of business:

A.5 Indicate, if applicable, any relationships of a commercial, contractual or corporate nature that exist between the owners of significant shareholdings, and the company and/or its group, unless they are of little relevance or derive from the ordinary course of business or trade:

A.7 Indicate whether there is any individual or legal entity that exercises or may exercise control over the company in accordance with Article 4 of the Securities Market Law. If so, identify them:

The General Shareholders’ Meeting held on June 29, 2017 authorized the Board of Directors of the Company for the derivative acquisition of treasury stock under the terms indicated below:

(e) The minimum acquisition price shall be 95 percent and the maximum price 105 percent of the closing price of the share on the continuous market on the day before the transaction is carried out, with the acquisition transactions also being adjusted to the rules and uses of the securities markets.