What are examples of personal injury cases?

Example of injuries in law

According to Article 5 of Law No. 16,744, a work accident is any injury that a person suffers because of or on the occasion of work, and which causes incapacity or death.

Emergency medical benefits received abroad for occupational accidents occurring outside the country must be paid by the employer, who may request reimbursement in local currency from the respective administering agency, presenting the corresponding invoices with the certification of the respective Chilean consul stating the effectiveness of the accident and that the expense incurred is within the usual rates of the health services of the country in question.

When the force majeure that causes the accident suffered by a worker has its origin in a circumstance inherent to the work – that is to say, when the unforeseen event that cannot be resisted is related to the work, in such a way that the factors and/or elements of the work have been a means through which the force majeure operates – the accident must be classified as work-related. Thus, for example, the breakage of a machine or explosion of a boiler, despite the care and precautions taken, or accidents occurring during a flood that affects a camp, correspond to this type of accident.

What are personal injuries?

In Colombian criminal law, personal injury crimes are understood as the action of causing one or more injuries to another person that threatens his physical integrity, health or psychological state. … Aggressions by a family member, a relative or an unknown person. Slight or serious burns.

What are example injuries?

An injury is damage that occurs to the body. It is a general term that refers to damage caused by accidents, falls, blows, burns, weapons and other causes. … Wounds are injuries that break the skin or other body tissues. They include cuts, scratches and bites to the skin.

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How can you hurt a person?

-Avoiding or ignoring the person with whom you cannot talk calmly. -Avoid problems, issues and situations that need to be discussed or concluded. -Prioritizing minor issues and putting off more important ones. -Obstructing or sabotaging events or processes that bring about change for your benefit.

Examples of injuries

Within the Colombian criminal law, personal injury crimes are understood as the action of causing one or more injuries to another person that threatens his physical integrity, health or psychological state. Personal injury crimes stand out among the most frequent aggressions and criminal law protects and protects the victim through the Colombian Criminal Procedure Code, in order to try to eradicate such crime within society. That said, at Jurídicos Penales we are criminal lawyers in Bogotá experts in each of the processes and criminal procedures that our clients need at the time of going through an irregular situation. Our firm is based on the responsibility and commitment that we dedicate in all the cases we defend, always guaranteeing the welfare of our clients.

The aggression of personal injury is within the crime against life and physical integrity since it can occur in any area. No matter how minor it may seem, these acts are sanctioned and catalogued intrinsically by the Colombian laws, since they break the integrity of another person.

What to do in case of personal injury?

In this case of personal injuries, a complaint must be filed by the legitimate complainant (Article 71 C.P.P.), i.e. the passive subject or victim. A complaint for personal injuries can be filed when the victim is the victim of physical aggressions, which affect his health.

How many types of injuries are there in the Penal Code?

They are classified as basic, minor, serious and very serious. With the reform of the Penal Code in 2015 and the elimination of misdemeanors, the misdemeanor of injury disappeared to become the less serious crime of injury, increasing the penalty to be imposed.

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What is the classification of injuries?

From the point of view of their severity, injuries are classified as fatal and non-fatal, the former being responsible for the death of the individual, either immediately or delayed, and the latter are those that, although they produce a variable severity, will not result in death.

Personal Injury Penalty

The crime of personal injury is a type of crime against the physical integrity of persons and against the individual health of persons. This article will deal in depth with the classification of injuries, its special circumstances, its regulation in the Penal Code, among others.

This crime is regulated in Title VIII of Book II of the Criminal Code called “Crimes and simple crimes against persons”, in articles 395 to 403, which include a series of bodily injuries. It is a crime against the physical integrity of persons and the legal property that the legislator intends to protect is the individual health of persons.

It is regulated in Article 399 of the Criminal Code, which establishes that “injuries not included in the preceding articles are considered less serious, and shall be punished with reclusion or imprisonment in its minimum degrees or with a fine of eleven to twenty monthly tax units”.

Why do we hurt other people?

The main reason we hurt is because we know that the other person loves us too, whether it is a partner, children, parents or even a friendship. We believe that the love they feel for us has an insurance with a wide coverage and, in reality, it is not so.

How do injuries occur?

Sports injuries can occur for different reasons. These include accidents (e.g., falls), failure to warm up before exercise, use of inadequate sports equipment, poor technique or lack of fitness to perform the exercise.

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Where to file a personal injury claim?

The complaint was filed in

What are personal injuries

The crimes of personal injuries cover different light criminal acts that have not surpassed to major situations, since when the case ascends to serious consequences, it is constituted as another type of infractions, that is to say, the crimes of personal injuries become an attempt of homicide or homicide when the victim dies. In this type of case, the offense ceases to be a personal injury and the perpetrator will be tried for committing a homicide offense. For this, the resolution of personal injury cases requires the necessary documentation, procedures and formalities to corroborate the veracity of the facts carried out.

Currently, personal injury crimes are punishable under the Code of Criminal Procedure and the penalty will depend on the degree of injury caused by the person to the victim. However, these are the penalties stipulated for each case: