What are the liabilities of the employers?

What is the deadline for the employer to notify the employment office of an employment contract?

Pursuant to art. 42.4 of the ET for cases of contracts and subcontracts in the case of companies that continuously share a work center, it is established that the main company must have a record book in which the information required in this respect is reflected and which must be made available to the workers’ representatives.

Temporary employment agenciesAccording to article 1 of Law 14/1994, of June 1, 1994, which regulates temporary employment agencies (hereinafter referred to as T.E.T.A.), a temporary employment agency is defined as a company whose activity consists of making workers hired by it available to another user company on a temporary basis, provided that the latter is duly authorized in accordance with the same Law.

4. To provide a financial guarantee, at the disposal of the labor authority, for the fulfillment of salary and Social Security obligations. This guarantee must reach, to obtain the first authorization, an amount equal to twenty-five times the minimum interprofessional salary, in annual computation. In order to obtain subsequent authorizations, this guarantee must reach an amount equal to 10% of the wage bill of the previous fiscal year.

Rights and obligations of the employer

In compliance with the duty of protection, the employer must guarantee the safety and health of the workers in his service in all aspects related to work. For these purposes, within the framework of his responsibilities, the employer shall carry out the prevention of occupational risks by integrating preventive activity in the company and adopting as many measures as necessary for the protection of the safety and health of workers (…)”.

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Administrative liability arises with non-compliance with the regulations on occupational risk prevention. The employer may be sanctioned by the Administration when he fails to comply with the obligations imposed by law, even if no accident occurs. The sanction will consist of a monetary fine, but when there are exceptionally serious circumstances, the suspension of work activities for a certain period of time or, in extreme cases, the closure of the corresponding work center may be ordered.

What obligations does an employer have with the worker?

It is important that entrepreneurs are trained regarding the obligations arising from the Consumer Statute -Law 1480 of 2011- and the liability they incur by not taking seriously the consumer’s rights.

It is exposed to administrative and judicial sanctions, depending on the action chosen by the consumer. The businessman may be imposed sentences, fines and even, if he persists in non-compliance, the temporary closure of his commercial establishment. This is not to mention the impact on your goodwill and credibility with your customers.

The starting point should be the knowledge of your obligations, rights and responsibilities under the Consumer Statute, and prevention. It must be understood that the consumer is increasingly specialized and judicious to know and exercise their rights, which has high protection mechanisms and permanent advice from the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce, which also has an application called Consumóvil, which any consumer can download on your Android or IPhone and from there report or file a complaint against any abuse, uploading photos or videos as evidence, benefiting from the immediacy of technology.

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Rights of a company

Being a good entrepreneur is usually synonymous with success and prosperity, but as in all good things in life, reaching this goal involves many sacrifices. There are many responsibilities and the risk that a good entrepreneur assumes, from putting their own money to start a business, to comply with the Treasury, with the regulations and laws in force or with their employees. For that reason in unComo.com we explain you which are the labor obligations of the entrepreneur that should not be overlooked.

The labor obligations of the employer include a series of aspects in which the company must ensure that the current regulations are complied with, as well as that all the activities are carried out correctly and as they are planned.these matters are quite broad, from those related to the prevention of occupational risks for which you can count on alternatives such as courses on prevention of occupational risks that is taught on a mandatory basis in companies in order to inform employees about this important regulation, to the fulfillment of obligations with social security.