What are the rules for mileage reimbursement?

What are the rules for mileage reimbursement?

Example of a company’s per diem policy

Extra expenses can be recorded in CARD for payments only for cardholders whose base currency is USD. Other currencies may be added in the future. Payment for extra expenses is received on Friday after the approval of the person in charge is completed.

Instructions for attaching a receipt, reassigning accounting codes, and submitting for approval are the same as for credit card transactions (see “Create an Expense Report” instruction page).

Mileage comptroller’s office

4. Credit card as collateral. A minimum initial quota of $450,000 or more will be requested depending on the total value of the lease and the category of the vehicle to be leased (vans, minivans and SUVs require a minimum guarantee of $700,000). For leases in Coyhaique and Punta Arenas a minimum quota of 20 UF + VAT + lease cost will be required.

5. Only bank credit cards and those issued by CMR Falabella, Cencosud Scotiabank and Líder BCI are accepted as a means to guarantee leases. Debit cards and/or checks are not accepted to guarantee vehicle leases.

1. Free mileage. Rentals for 1 (one) day in Punta Arenas and Puerto Natales include only 300 free kilometers; each additional kilometer has a cost of $200 + VAT. For monthly rentals the rate includes a maximum of 4,000 free kilometers (each extra kilometer will be charged $100 + VAT).

5. Prepayment guarantees the reservation, but does not exempt on the guarantee. Prepaid reservations (CREDIT OR DEBIT) are non-refundable. No refunds will be made for unused prepaid rental days. If the user cancels the reservation, the charge will be generated in the same way. The additional benefit for prepayment will be 100 LATAM PASS EXTRA MILES per rental. Only for individuals. Does not apply to corporate or part time rentals. The collection of this promotion is by means of a ticket and includes all services rendered / additional services.

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Mileage table comptroller 2021

Q: We want to give our pastor an allowance account that he can use for hospitality, benevolence and other ministry expenses. We have been told that this fund could be subject to taxes that our pastor will have to pay. Is this true?

A: Many churches allow the senior pastor to control an allocation account for certain ministry expenses. Depending on how these funds are maintained and controlled will determine whether or not the funds will be taxable to the pastor. Whether or not appropriation accounts are taxable will depend on whether the church adheres to an accounting reimbursement plan.

Spending allowances in a church setting may include monthly allowances to offset the cost of a car or cell phone; to purchase resources to be used in ministry; to cover hospitality expenses; or access to funds to meet immediate benevolence needs. The church can provide expense accounts in two ways:

Mileage payment in Costa Rica private sector

If you move to another EU country and want to re-register the car there, you will have to present to the administration the proof that the vehicle has passed the roadworthiness test in your previous country of residence.

The proof of having passed the roadworthiness test must be visible on the vehicle and indicate the results of the checks, the identity of the vehicle and the date of the next roadworthiness test. The validity of the roadworthiness certificate must be recognized even if the vehicle changes ownership.

When you register a vehicle in the EU, the administration will issue you with a registration certificate. The registration certificate may have one or two parts, depending on the country’s national regulations. All EU countries must recognize the registration certificate when you travel or move to another EU country. If you have to re-register the vehicle in another EU country, you will need to present the original vehicle registration certificate to the vehicle registration authority in the new country. If the certificate consists of two parts, you will need to present both parts. Some EU countries may require other documents to re-register the vehicle, so we advise you to check the exact requirements of the new country.

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