What can I claim back on CIS?


Although all policies include basic health insurance coverage, you may find that your insurer refuses to cover a service without knowing exactly why. Before making a claim to the insurance company, the first thing to do is to find out what type of policy you have in order to know what to expect.

The most common types are health insurance without co-payment and health insurance with co-payment. The difference is, above all, in the price: the best insurance policies without co-payment have a more expensive premium, but you will not have to pay for every time you go to the health center or to a specialist, as is the case with medical policies with co-payment. You can also find reimbursement insurance policies, which differ from the previous ones because, although you will initially pay for the service provided, you will later be reimbursed a percentage that can be as high as 90% of the amount.

Once you have found out what type of insurance you have taken out, you will have to identify the reasons why it is necessary to send a letter of complaint for poor health service. Both in the cheapest health insurance policies and in the most complete ones, you may find yourself in this type of situation. Among the most frequent reasons alleged by insurers are:

Where to claim from the SIS?

1 Contact the SIS

File your complaint or claim by calling (01) 514-5555. SIS staff will take note of your case. After making an investigation, they will contact you to communicate the solutions or their response.

Who oversees the SIS?

The National Superintendence of Health Insurance also registers, authorizes, regulates and supervises the operation of prepaid health entities and all those public, private or mixed entities that offer services under the regular and advance payment modality.

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What does the free SIS cover?

Coverage includes medicines, analyses, operations, hospitalization, emergency transfers, etc., plus a death benefit of up to S/. 1,000.00. In total, this insurance covers more than 1,400 diseases, the most frequent types of cancer, high cost diseases and rare or orphan diseases.

Sis telephone number for inquiries

The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has ruled that a flight that has been brought forward by more than one hour must be considered as cancelled and therefore gives the right to claim and be compensated as in this case, since the passenger may not be able to reorganize his time and reach boarding.

Depending on the distance, compensation of 250, 400 or 600 euros is available, as in the case of cancellations or delays, if the information about the advance is late. The airline may not reduce the amount by 50% if it offers alternative transport to reach the destination without delay.

According to the ruling, advances of less than one hour are exempt from the obligation to compensate. In this way, it makes it clear that a flight must be considered “cancelled” when the air carrier in charge of the flight brings it forward by more than one hour.

In this second scenario, “it must be considered to be a long delay that is likely to cause passengers serious inconvenience”, analogous to that of a delay. In particular, “it means for passengers the loss of the possibility to freely dispose of their time and to organize their trip or their stay according to their expectations”, having to adapt to the new departure time and even not being able to board the plane.

How to disenroll from the SIS via Internet?

Remember that this Free SIS cancellation process is free, so you will not have to pay anything for this service. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, you can carry out the process through WhatsApp or by e-mail [email protected]

What does the microenterprise SIS cover?

Includes: medical care, medicines, laboratory, x-rays, auxiliary tests, special procedures, diagnostic imaging, hospital stay, among others. Surgical Care: Includes surgical care under the conditions described in the prioritized list of health interventions.

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How do I know what my DNI number is?

If you forgot your DNI number, you must go in person to any Reniec Registry Office and request your number by giving your complete personal information. After recovering the number, you will be able to make the corresponding payment to request a duplicate of your document.

Hello sis

The electoral barometer for January of the Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas (CIS) has once again placed the PSOE in the lead with an estimated vote of 28.5%, while the PP and Vox also rise, with 21.5% and 14.7%, respectively, while Unidas Podemos drops a few tenths and remains at 13.1% and Ciudadanos plummets and is already below 4%.

The December Barometer of the Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas (CIS), coinciding with the halfway point of the legislature, once again places the PSOE as the leading political force, extending to 7.2 points its advantage over the PP, which stagnates while Vox has been on the rise for three months.

The barometer of the Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas (CIS) for the month of October once again places the PSOE in the lead, with an estimated vote of 28.5%, but the PP manages to close the gap, with 22.1%.

The first electoral barometer of the new political year after the summer keeps Pedro Sánchez’s PSOE as the first electoral force if a general election were held, extending its lead over the PP to nine points. This huge difference contrasts with other polls carried out by other pollsters, in which Pablo Casado’s party has even surpassed the Socialists or, at least, there is a technical tie. The study, moreover, was carried out between September 1 and 13, in the midst of the escalation of electricity prices and just before the Government announced its new measures.

What does SIS dental insurance cover?

Children, adolescents and pregnant women have access to dental services at no cost thanks to SIS. … It also covers 2 dental extractions, 3 fillings and composite cures, 3 fillings and simple cures, one odontogram and one fluoridation, annually; adding three composite cures per year or during pregnancy.

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How long does the SIS insurance last?

8. After how long do I have to renew my Free SIS membership? Affiliation to the SIS Gratuito does not require renewal, as long as you maintain the affiliation requirements.

How to deregister an employee in the SIS?

Companies will be able to terminate the employment of workers with whom they have terminated their labor relationship by going to the “Workers” link in the “Navigation” menu and then clicking on the “Delete” action.

Sis on line

The EC Directive system applies when a resident of the European Economic Area is injured in an accident in a country other than that of his residence and the causal factor is a vehicle registered and insured in a country other than that of the victim’s residence. To summarize, the system applies when:

Each member state has had different deadlines to implement the IV Directive in its own legal system, but as a general rule as of January 2003 the system came into operation for all countries that at that time belonged to the EEA. (The deadline for entry into force may vary if the country in question has joined the EU after January 2003).