What is a claims service representative?

Examples of complaints and claims

If you want your brand to enjoy these benefits, a very important aspect to take into account is customer service, especially in the online environment, where competition is voracious and with two clicks anyone leaves your website and enters the one of a direct competitor.

Customer service representatives are the face and voice of your company, if they are not up to the task, the customer experience is tainted; no matter how good your product or service is.

A customer service representative must know how to “put themselves in the shoes” of the customer. Colloquially, empathy is understood as recognizing the emotions of the other, in this case it is precisely about recognizing those emotions and helping to replace them with more pleasant ones by contributing to the solution of these problems using mainly two elements:

In customer service, representatives must be aware that some customers will not know how to explain themselves, this may be especially true in relation to technology or processes that require some technical steps.

What does a customer service representative do?

That’s why a customer service representative knows how to take a few seconds to calm down, catch his or her breath and quickly think of a timely response that returns the conversation to its natural channel, which is to provide a solution to the customer’s need.

What happens when you get a complaint?

Complaint forms are official documents in which a customer makes a complaint about the establishment. If the business in question is obliged to have this document and does not have it, it could incur fines of 200 to 5,000 euros.

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How are complaints and claims handled?

The management of complaints, claims and suggestions consists of methodically managing customer criticism. Strategies must be developed and it must be determined where they should be received, how to react to them and to which departments or persons the information obtained should be forwarded.

Customer Service Job Description

If the Electronic Complaints and Claims Forms System ([email protected]) has been used to file a claim with a company adhered to this System, the claim can be sent to the Administration telematically through [email protected], using the electronic certificate.

When submitting a claim to the Administration, copies “for the claimant” (which will remain in the possession of the claimant, once stamped by the Administration) and “for the Administration” (which will remain in the possession of the Administration) of the complaint and claim form must be provided, as well as all available documentation that may serve as evidence to study the case, such as the company’s response, if any, copies of the invoice or proof of payment made, copy of the contract, advertising and informative brochures, guarantee document, etc.

The General Electronic Presentation is a way that does not depend on the Autonomous Administration of Consumption but on the Junta de Andalucía, so, in case of technical problems with it, the Information and Services Center (CEIS) of the Consejería de Hacienda y Financiación Europea of the Junta de Andalucía can be contacted at the e-mail address [email protected] In addition, the form has access to an incident notification system.

Who must sign a claim form?

Both parties, the claimant and the complainant, must sign the complaint and claim form. The signature by the company owning the activity will only have the effect of acknowledgement of receipt, without implying acceptance of the version of the facts offered by the complainant.

How long does it take to resolve a complaint?

The maximum period for the Administration to resolve and notify the resolution of the claim processing procedure shall be a maximum of 3 months (from the date the claim is received in the electronic registry of the competent body for processing).

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What are the consequences of a claim form?

Penalty only.

The complaint form is not a panacea for resolving your consumer disputes. The procedure involved in the presentation of this document can only lead to a sanction or fine for the establishment denounced, as long as the consumer services find evidence for it.


All the hotel’s departments will work towards the same goal, to satisfy the customer’s needs. To achieve this, they will follow the guidelines described below.

When we receive a complaint from a customer, we record it in the incident book. We then solve the problem and note in the same book the solution provided or the action we have taken to initiate the process of resolving it.

In the case of a formal complaint, we immediately deliver the complaint and suggestion form completed by the customer to the hotel’s Quality Manager. This will inform the director of the establishment so that he/she can give his/her conformity with the solution provided or take the measures he/she considers appropriate to improve customer satisfaction.

What happens after filing a claim form?

But then, what about the complaint forms? These sheets have to be taken to the Consumer Office and there, the complaint will be analyzed. The company can respond to it and then the Office will come to a conclusion that has to be notified to both parties.

What is the procedure for filing a claim form?

The form consists of three sheets: the original is to be sent to the Administration, one copy is for the complainant user and another copy is for the company or commercial establishment complained of. The consumer should keep the first two.

What to do if they refuse to provide a claim form?

Faqs. If when requesting the complaint form to an establishment we find a refusal to provide it to us, we have to call the Local Police. Once the police officers are present, we will request the sheet again. The Local Police will draw up a report if the company still refuses to give us the sheet…

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Types of complaints and grievances

Anticipating the wants and needs of every customer is very difficult. You will have customers who are really satisfied with your product or service, but there will be others who have problems. That is why today we will talk about how to correctly handle customer complaints, claims and suggestions.

A dissatisfied customer whose opinion is not taken into account will probably stop trusting your offer and will also tell others how frustrated and angry he is. Remember that in the age of the Internet, complaints often reach unimaginable places.

Complaint, complaint and suggestion management is about methodically managing customer criticism. You need to develop strategies and determine where they should be received, how to react to them and to which departments or individuals the information obtained should be forwarded.

The assignment of responsibilities is also part of complaint management. Only when it is clear who should react in each case can a negative criticism be transformed into something positive.