What is freight claims management?

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Freight transport claims are often complex to interpret, assess and process. That is why it is advisable to have a claims handling department of a specialist broker with extensive experience in this type of claims.

Freight transport claims are frequent and can arise from many different activities within the same logistics process. An adequate and thorough analysis of all the main and secondary activities, the figures involved in the entire logistics chain, the transport operations, the geographical scope, the type of goods transported, etc. is essential to avoid uncovered claims.

To improve claims management and streamline all processes, it is advisable to choose an insurance brokerage with a solid and efficient claims handling methodology and claims management tools that help reduce time in the documentation of each claim and facilitate its follow-up.

Insurance Management in Trucking Course

While technological innovations have created new opportunities for growth, they have also disrupted the competitive landscape. Companies must now adapt to the increased potential for cyber-attacks, litigation, regulatory changes, the emergence of new products and services, and increased competition from start-ups and other recent entrants.

Labor, fuel and other costs are also rising, at the same time that insurance prices are becoming increasingly volatile. This puts increased pressure on transportation companies to control costs while managing their dynamic risks.

Transportation insurance provides coverage for the insured’s property while in transit from one location to another. Some types of insurance coverage that companies should consider when creating a risk management plan are:

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The most effective approach to risk management within the transportation industry will require your company to have umbrella coverage, such as the examples above, as well as specific policies tailored to the type of cargo you are transporting and whether you are transporting people.

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Road safety management

Professionals and companies in the logistics and transport sector, in their daily activities, transport numerous parcels in the same shipment, loads of sensitive or high-value goods, etc. These factors mean that accidents during the transport of goods are frequent.

Depending on the estimated amount of the claim and its causes, it will be necessary to request an expert’s intervention, indicating the location of the goods and a contact person. In this process, the specialist claims handler, based on his experience and the version of the claim, will help to assess the need to appoint an expert and how to do it.

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Law 15/2009, of November 11, 2009, on the Contract of Carriage of Goods by Land (LCTTM) states that the carrier shall be liable for the total or partial loss of the goods, as well as for any damage suffered by them, from the time of their receipt for transport until the time of their delivery at destination.

In order to streamline all the procedures associated with the processing of transport claims and facilitate the submission of the necessary documentation, it is advisable to use an online claims management application that, in addition to helping to create a claims processing methodology, identifying the necessary documentation for each type of claim, allows listing all claims and identifying the status in which they are at any given time.