What is the cavity wall scandal?

What is the cavity wall scandal?

Controversy! Ricardo Delgado sends strong statements to

No, we will not go to any of these places, sorry, too mainstream. No, we won’t tempt fate, meeting Tolouse Lautrec could extend the trip until the wee hours of the morning and the absinthe hangover goes badly with time travel. We leave just over 60 meters from the Moulin Rouge, on the same sidewalk, our destination: Le Café de L’Enfer and Le Cafe de Le Ciel, two themed and pioneering cafes, like our Pasatiempo.

Heaven (glory for Borondo) and hell, Le Ciel and L’Enfer, almost nothing, pretentious and promising names. Curiously, both places were close to each other, it was rumored that there was a rivalry between them, but apparently it was all part of a game, let’s say it was pure marketing, in fact visitors, wanting to enter both, did it in a kind of pre-organized excursion.

Coincidences have a certain magic, a certain charm. Another book published in 1900 narrates a trip made in 1899 by three gentlemen, Edward Cucuel (author and illustrator) and his friends, Bishop and Mr. Thompkins. The American writer, W.C. Morow, signs the text based on Cucuel’s notes.

Dupleint responds to Ricardo Delgado, who responds to William Jaramillo.

And I discover that once again I am inside, in the cave, with the light of the fire, changing and full of darkness. The cave and the shadows move to the rhythm of breathing, but the cave is bigger than before and has on the walls the drawing of hands, as in the caves of the south, and it is at the same time the interior of a dog, I don’t know how, but we are inside a dog that breathes as if wheezing and that perhaps is running panting through a jungle.

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Toro sticks his dick in me; all this foreplay I leave him on the edge of the human and if someone had asked him anything at that moment, he would have surely looked at infinity, like a lost monkey, and would not have been able to answer. He is re-horny and has a hard cock, very hard and very swollen. He enters my cunt and I have the image of a red-hot knife slowly piercing a huge loaf of melting shortbread and disappearing into nothingness. We braid each other in a frenzied dance, in a mad gallop where there are no more images, and no more words, there is only a pulse that takes our thoughts and our limits and our names and transforms them into heat and emptiness. I am a pulse, I am only pulse.

What is the cavity wall scandal? 2022

Hello, the truth is that I’m new and well, I don’t know if I’m good at this, but like everything in this life, walking is the way. I warn you that I am somewhat anarchic and that at the same time I can talk to you about how to paint a wall and about Malevich’s Suprematism, so don’t take me too much into account.

The fundamental thing to hang paintings is to know how to give them air, to align them correctly, not to saturate them with many elements around, and to let them be the protagonists. On the other hand, knowing how to buy works of art is fundamental, it is true that some are expensive, others are cheaper, but it is more expensive if you add up what you spend in a few months on a few drinks when you go out partying or eating in the street. I change my drinks for my paintings and I have them at home with my friends.

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I encourage you to look for curious things to decorate your homes, to get out of the conventionalism of the big stores, unfortunately they lack personality and are boring. We don’t need to go crazy cluttering the house with things, with a few and well placed things you will look great.

What is the cavity wall scandal? 2021

Some 2000 logarithmic periodic broadband antennas, capable of covering all digital transmission frequencies in Cuba, were assembled last February by the Antenas de Santa Clara Company, as part of the country’s strategy to prepare for the analog switch-off.

It has been almost four months since the Latin America and Caribbean area awarded quotas to the best equipment in each zone for the World Final of the ACM-ICPC contest. More than 15 thousand teams were eliminated all over the planet to reach Beijing, and only 140 of them achieved their goal. That November, Cuba celebrated the qualification of three teams for the universal event for the first time in its history.

The Cuban Telecommunications Company (ETECSA) released a communiqué announcing the arrival of five million active mobile telephone lines. A resident of the Havana municipality of Guanabacoa became ETECSA’s five millionth customer today.

Researchers from the French University of Nantes have created the world’s first social housing with a 3D printing robot. Since June this YHNOVA project home will be the home of a French family. The printer created hollow walls with a special material that will keep the building standing safely for a century.

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