Where are small claims track heard?

In the event of an accident, the traffic policeman could

Once a complaint form has been filled out, the establishment will give the consumer the original form (white) so that the user can process it as well as the green copy (copy for the consumer), keeping the pink one.

Once the complaint is received and registered in a Consumer body (City Council, Autonomous Community), it will verify that it is the competent body to process it. Failing this, it will transfer it to the competent body, informing the user of this.

If it is the competent body, it will check that the facts denounced by the consumer complainant are consumer matters (in the case of health, transport, banking or insurance, for example, there are other bodies and complaint mechanisms already created).

Otherwise, the claimant will be notified so that, within a specified period of time, he/she may correct the deficiencies found, warning him/her that if he/she fails to do so, the claim will be filed.

Through mediation: in this case the Consumer Agency will try, on the one hand, that the parties (claimant and claimed) reach an amicable solution and, on the other hand, to clarify the facts that motivate the claim.

How much does it cost to file a claim form?

It is free of charge and its decision will be binding, that is to say, what it decides will be equivalent to a court sentence.

Where are the claims delivered?

The plaintiff may file his claim through a traditional lawsuit, in writing before the competent regional court or online, through the Online Justice System, for the latter case, the plaintiff must state his option at the time of filing the claim.

Who settles the claims?

Complaint forms

The consumer will send a copy of the complaint form to the responsible consumer body (city council or Autonomous Community) and this will formally initiate the procedure.

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Faced with a conflict with a company or professional, first of all it is advisable to try to find a solution through dialogue. If this is not possible, you can request an official complaint and claims form from the Junta de Andalucía to record the situation, either:

To submit a complaint and grievance sheet in paper format, you can request a copy from the company to which you are going to complain, or download the sheet directly from this same web page (fillable sheet form | non-fillable sheet form). If the company is a member of the [email protected] System (electronic complaints and claims form system), the complaint can be submitted electronically using the electronic certificate.

If the complaint and claim form is requested from the company, the delivery of the same is obligatory, immediate and free of charge, even if the product has not been delivered or the service has not been provided. In addition, the following issues should be taken into account:

How long do I have to file a claim form?

In this case, the completed forms must be sent by the same means requested within a maximum of 5 working days (counting from the day they are received at the company).

What is the procedure for filing a claim form?

The form consists of three sheets: the original is to be sent to the Administration, a copy is for the complainant user and another copy is for the company or commercial establishment complained of. The consumer should keep the first two.

What happens after I file a claim form?

Once completed, you must take the copy for the Administration to the consumer agencies, either personally or send it by administrative mail through a post office, keeping in your possession the green or yellow one as proof.

Small claims cutting

This right is reinforced by the existence of an “informative poster” of the possession of the sheets at the consumer’s disposal. Therefore, if it is announced that they are at our disposal, it does not matter who is in charge of the store at that moment. They have to give it to us. If not, an administrative infraction is incurred.

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“In the case of activities of sale of products or provision of services outside a commercial or fixed establishment, the complaint/complaint sheets will be carried by the salespersons, operators or service providers and will be given to the consumer or user”.

Sometimes the consumer is blocked by this aspect. But the important thing is to get out of the loop “If you don’t give me the sheet, I won’t pay you”. Or from this other loop: “Well, now I’m going to stop paying, Televodarange Communications will find out”.

But the reality is that the worst thing you can do as a dissatisfied consumer is to stop paying for something. The rule goes like this: pay first and then complain. The consequences of non-payment, apart from the possibility of being included in a debtors’ file, are those of breaching a contract (even sometimes linked to a financial entity that has nothing to do with the establishment offering the good or service), no matter how right we may be.

Who delivers a claim to you?

The notification (summons) of a lawsuit is a right of the defendant and its purpose is to allow him to design a legal strategy to defend himself and to make him aware of the judicial process initiated against him. The only person with the power to make a notification of this nature is the actuary or executor.

How should a lawsuit be filed?

To file the claim you must state the facts as clearly as possible; describe the non-conformities and damage; precisely identify the good or service that is the object of the claim. The data of both the defendant and the plaintiff must be complete.

Where to go to file a claim?

To do so, you can go to the Municipal Consumer Information Office (OMIC) of your locality, to the Provincial Consumer Services of the Territorial Delegations of Equality, Health and Social Policies, to the General Directorate of Consumer Affairs, or to any public registry.

How long does an injured party have to claim his rights in Colombia?

Kindly, in relation to the matter of reference, in the terms provided in Article 26 of the Civil Code, Law 1755 of 2015, as well as in Article 6o, numeral 4o, of Decree 987 of 2012, the request for a definitive concept on the case in question is answered, in the terms that follow:

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It should be noted that among the duties of separated or divorced parents is to ensure the permanent care of their offspring and that upon the physical, material separation of the couple, the children are in the direct care of only one of them, however, the parent who does not exercise this direct care, has the right to visit the children and to be visited by them on a permanent basis.

…. “The granting of custody of the minor children to one of the spouses or to a third party does not deprive the other -or both, in the second case- of the right to maintain communication with them, which is especially manifested in the so-called right of visitation. This right consists in general terms in the possibility of having periodic meetings with the children. It also includes the right to maintain postal correspondence or telephone communication with them, which cannot be controlled or interfered with except for serious and legitimate reasons, in safeguarding the interests of the child. “(…)