What are the Subcontinents in the world?

Indian subcontinent

Do you know the definition of continents? The continents are large tracts of land separated by oceans and composed of different countries that are usually taken, from a geographical, ethnographic and cultural point of view as a whole block.Knowing what the continents are is important as general cultural material and also to understand a little of the way in which geographically our planet is divided.You have no idea what the continents are, in unCOMO we explain in detail with pictures of the continents so you can easily identify them.

This is the third largest continent in the world, with 1 billion inhabitants. It is divided into North, South, East, West and Central Africa. How many countries does Africa have? Currently, Africa has 54 countries that you can learn more about in detail in this article: List of countries and capitals of Africa.

We come to this continent with force, since Asia has an area of 44.5 million square meters. If you are wondering “What is the largest continent in the world?” you should know that Asia is not only the largest but also the most populated: it has more than 4 billion inhabitants, with 92 inhabitants per square kilometer, a very high figure.

What are the two subcontinents that unite the Central American isthmus?

One of the most important corridors in Latin America crosses it at its narrowest point: the Central American isthmus. In practice, it connects two areas of enormous socio-productive development: the Atlantic and the Pacific.

What are the subcontinents of Asia?

Subcontinent : Central Asia, East Asia, Middle East, Southeast Asia and Indian Subcontinent.

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What are the divisions of the world?

The mainland is divided into six continents: Africa, the Americas, Antarctica, Asia, Europe and Oceania. The northern hemisphere of the Earth contains most of the land area of the continents.

What are the regions of the world

The seriousness of the situations of extreme poverty, crude and varied expressions of violence, migratory vulnerability, democratic precariousness, environmental deterioration and the advance of neoliberal policies in their most aggressive versions, as well as the transformations underway as a result of the current push for megaprojects, make it necessary to rethink the ways of understanding and recounting Central America. There is an urgent need not only to renew perceptions of regional history, existing diagnoses and the coming changes, but also to reflect on the imbalances that these may cause, both in the conceptual tools with which the social sciences usually analyze the region and in the resulting narratives.

Globalization in its current phase has a specific socio-spatial dimension: the great trade corridors. These make the old merchant routes into transnational spaces, modern but ambiguous, territories of intense transit and in constant dispute. One of the most important corridors in Latin America crosses it at its narrowest point: the Central American isthmus. In practice, it connects two areas of enormous socio-productive development: the Atlantic and the Pacific. Another corridor of historical and growing importance also passes through the same region, connecting (not always by land) South America with North America.

Which subcontinent has the most countries?

Africa is the continent with the most countries, with 54 nations out of the 194 that make up the planet. Algeria is the largest country in Africa, while Seychelles, a group of islands located in the Indian Ocean, is considered the smallest nation on the continent.

What are the 3 subcontinents and explain each one?

In the Spanish-speaking world, North America, South America and Central America are considered subcontinents of the American continent, as they are connected by an isthmus. Africa and Eurasia are sometimes considered to form subcontinents of the Eurafrasia continent for the same reason.

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What is the Central American isthmus?

GET TO KNOW CENTRAL AMERICA. Central America is the portentous little isthmus of 522,762 km2 that links North and South America and comprises seven sister nations: Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama.


America is a double continent, extending over a length of 15,000 km from the Arctic in the north almost to the latitude of Antarctica in the south and includes all climatic zones of the earth.

On the continent of North America are the states of Canada, Mexico and the United States of America, called the United States or simply America. Central America begins in the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula, the states between the Pacific and the Atlantic are also summarized under the term Central America, the island world is known as the Caribbean. South America lies south of the Panama Canal.

The discovery of America generally dates back to 1492 and is attributed to Christopher Columbus, even if he never set foot on the American continent. He believed he had found a sea route to India, so the islands he discovered became known as the West Indies and their inhabitants as Indians. The Italian sailor Giovanni Caboto was probably the first modern European to set foot on the American continent. The name America goes back to Amerigo Vespucci, who first described the country as an independent continent in 1507.

What are the oceans surrounding the Asian continent?

Asia is bordered to the north by the Arctic Ocean, to the east by the Pacific Ocean, to the south by the Indian Ocean and to the east by Europe.

Which continent is divided into three subcontinents?

America is one of the five continents into which the planet is traditionally divided. Due to its size, the continent is usually subdivided into three subcontinents in the tourist world: North America. Central America and the Caribbean.

What are the 5 continents?

They, like other countries such as Australia and England, believe that there are seven continents: Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe and Australia, while countries like Mexico are taught that there are five: Africa, Europe, Asia, America and Oceania/Australia.

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NORTH AMERICA or NORTH AMERICAis the most SEPTENTRIONAL American subcontinent. Although it covers a vast territory, it is made up of only 3 official countries: Canada, the United States of America and Mexico. SEPTENTRIONAL :The term septentrional is used to refer to everything related to or proper to the septentrion.    Meanwhile, the septentrion, or in more popular terms, the north, is the cardinal point that indicates, on a meridian, the direction towards the North Pole.

CENTRAL AMERICA OR CENTRAL AMERICACentral America, also called Central America or Central America, is a central geographic region connecting North America with South America. It is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean.  Politically it is divided into the seven independent countries of Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama.