What can I do if I have not received my pension?

How long does the imss pension resolution take?

In some countries, the pension administration should send you the pension application form before you reach the retirement age of the country in question. If it does not, contact your pension administration to see if it will send it to you automatically.

In that case, to determine whether you are entitled to a pension, the administration must count all the periods you have worked in other EU countries as if you had worked only in that one (the principle of aggregation of periods).

To do this, each one will add up the periods you have completed in all EU countries and calculate what pension you would be entitled to if all those contributions had been paid to their social security system during all that time (the so-called notional amount).

If you qualify for a national pension regardless of any periods you have completed in other countries, the administration will also calculate the national pension (called the independent benefit).

Where do I claim my pension?

It is necessary to contact the National Institute of Social Security, which is the entity that grants and manages, as a general rule, contributory retirement pensions.

Who does not receive a small pension payment?

Who will not be able to collect the 2022 “paguilla”? All pensioners will receive this “paguilla” this month, with one exception. Those who collect a pension for total or absolute permanent disability or disability caused by an accident at work or illness.

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When do they pay the pensioners’ small allowance?

It is customary in Spain to receive an extra pay if you are retired at the end of January. This payment serves to compensate for the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and is popularly known as ‘la paguilla’.

What happens if I do not collect my pension

If you are a pensioner and have not received your monthly payments on time, or if you have claimed differences in your pension and have not received a response, here is the information you need to solve this problem.  You can ask the Institute for payment of undelivered monthly pension payments, if the pension you receive is paid by the federal government through the Institute. You can also request clarification on differences in the amount of the monthly payment. Now, the requirements that the IMSS will ask for are: to enjoy a pension paid by the federal government and paid through the Institute; that the pension is in force; to prove that the claimed monthly payment was not received; and to prove the claimed difference in the payment of the pension.

How long does the IMSS pension resolution take?

Maximum 60 days later.

When is the 2022 bonus payable?

The exact date varies depending on the bank where each pensioner has direct debit payments, but in most cases it will be received during the second half of January and will most likely coincide with the payment of the first pension of 2022, which the Social Security will make on the 25th.

Who is entitled to the January bonus?

The Government has confirmed that pensioners and beneficiaries of the minimum living income (IMV) will receive the pension paguilla during the second half of January. The payment of Social Security pensions and also of the paguilla is set for January 25.

Imss advances 2 months of pension in 2021

Workers must apply for their pension by going directly to the AFP where they register their affiliation with their national identity card, signing the respective application in original and copy. The process can also be initiated by making use of the services that the Administrators have on their websites. These procedures are free of charge.

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The basic objective of the state minimum pension guarantee is to generate an income base for those persons who, having contributed a significant part of their lives, do not have the necessary resources to obtain a pension equivalent to the minimum pension and have no other sources of income.

In the case of programmed retirement pensions, the state guarantee is paid once the member has exhausted the balance of his or her individually funded account. In the case of life annuity pensions, the state guarantee is paid as the difference between the minimum pension and the pension received by the member. In all cases, discounts are applied in the case of early old age pensions and when the member has withdrawn unrestricted surpluses.

How much is the January 2022 payment?

The 2.5% increase for contributory pensions in 2022 will place the minimum retirement pension at 10,103.8 euros per year, 721.7 euros per month in 14 payments; while the maximum will be 39,468.6 euros per year, 2,819.1 euros per month.

How is the pensioner’s paycheck calculated?

That is, if, for example, you receive the maximum pension of 2,707.49 euros per month, you receive 37,904.86 euros per year. Multiplying this amount by 1.6, the result is 60,647.776 euros, which divided by 100 gives an extraordinary payment of 606.48 euros.

How is the January bonus calculated?

How is it calculated? To calculate how much you will receive with the ‘paguilla’ you have to add the 14 payments, which have been received with the pension throughout the year, and then you have to take out the 1.6% and at that moment you will know the amount you will receive this January.

How to obtain my pension payment receipt imss

Non-contributory disability pensionsNon-contributory retirement pensionsPension supplement for rental housingFrequently asked questionsSocial Inclusion Strategy 2016-2021May be of interest to you

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On the occasion of the resumption of the computation of administrative deadlines as of June 1, 2.020, the deadline for the submission of the annual declaration of income of non-contributory pensioners will end next Wednesday, March 31, 2021.

The non-contributory disability pension assures a financial benefit, free medical-pharmaceutical assistance and complementary social services to those persons who can prove a certain degree of disability and have no resources, even if they have not contributed or have contributed insufficiently to be entitled to a contributory pension.

In the case of other pensions, they are compatible, but the non-contributory pension will be reviewed and regularized taking into account the economic variation that the new pension entails. The date of economic effects of the extinction or modification of the amount of the non-contributory pension will coincide or will be fixed according to the effects of the recognition of the new pension received.