What can I use instead of Flavacol?

Cinepolis Popcorn Butter

Tip: You can add the salt while melting the butter.  Now that popcorn has also adapted to the fad of fried food flavors like Doritos, Cheetos and Chips, you can also get them at home.    If you can’t order the special flavored powders that are already sold on the Internet, what you have to do is buy the chips of your preference, and grind them in the blender until they become a delicious powder, and when the popcorn is ready, sprinkle them and move them vigorously so that they impregnate all of them. It is important not to forget that this step does not replace the butter.  It is as easy as that to have popcorn like the ones sold at the movies. Now you are ready to watch series and movies on Netflix, Amazon or Disney Plus.

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How to make all the popcorn?

It is best to use a lid with ventilation or holes that allow the steam to escape. Lower the intensity of the fire a little, and when we hear fewer pops and more time passes between them, remove the pot from the heat and let it stand for a while without removing the lid.

What is the name of the store where popcorn is sold at the movie theater?

But behind the addictive taste lies a sad and disappointing truth: movie theater popcorn does NOT use real butter. According to Delish’s research, the ingredients they use are Flavacol and Butter favored Topping.

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What popcorn flavors are available at Cinépolis 2021?

Cinépolis has the largest variety of popcorn flavors in the countries where it operates: caramel, cheddar, enchiladas, light and butter. Together with Grupo Herdez, Cinépolis Microwave Popcorn will be the ideal option to accompany the best moments of entertainment at home.

Flavacol popcorn

How we love the buttery aroma that popcorn gives off when we go to the movies or prepare it at home with the convenience of the microwave, it is penetrating, sweet and tempting, we do not know anyone who can deprive themselves of eating popcorn once it has invaded their sense of smell.

Curiously, a few days ago we discovered in the blog of Inés, Apuntes de Cocina, that she had observed many times some yellow powder that rested next to the popcorn stand at the cinema, the clerk explained to her that it was Flavacol, which was the same ingredient used in microwave popcorn and that is what gives it its buttery flavor.

The popcorn disease, called Bronchiolitis obliterans, was described in 2002 when eight sick people were found, all of them had worked in a microwave popcorn factory and presented a serious lung disease, with cough, shortness of breath, wheezing… some cases could even require a lung transplant.

The fact is that the workers had been inhaling a flavoring agent that is linked to this disease, Diacetyl, a yellowish liquid that is mixed with other additives to provide a buttery smell and taste. This is the same conclusion of the case of the man who ingested large and continuous quantities of popcorn, because he inhaled its aroma continuously.

What is popcorn butter called?


Flavacol is a salty yellow flavoring that is attractive for the bulk sale of popcorn at the movie theater.

How many minutes to put on popcorn?

Put the bag in the microwave for about 2 minutes 30 (adjust according to the power), stop when the popcorn pops less than once for 1/2 seconds.

How much is a pack of popcorn worth at the movies?

For those who prefer popcorn only, the Palafox group cinemas have four sizes (90, 150, 225 and 350 grams), ranging from 2.40 to 4 euros. Here, again, there are again big differences, since, for example, in Cinesa theaters, only the basic box of popcorn costs more than 4 euros.

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Butter flavor popcorn salt

Hello: If you are going to buy in this publication and you like, you can mention me the flavors you require to take them into account, since the questions in this publication before the sale are registered, but do not worry, when you make the purchase you will have access to Mercado Libre messaging with a server and by that means you can confirm me the flavors, go ahead with your purchase, greetings. DTB.

Better Buttery Flavor (This seasoning is called double butter or extra butter, they taste very similar to the Original, but the Original flavor represents 99% of sales, the Original is recommended by the Manufacturer)

This is the salt that Cinemex and Cinepolis really use (It is not similar or similar, nor is it generic, it is the one that Cinemex and Cinepolis theaters really use) throughout the country, it provides color, aroma and butter flavor to your popcorn. This salt does not leave your pot full of salt like the imitations, this salt really tastes like butter not just salt like the copies, this seasoning salt adheres to your popcorn to give it the color, aroma and flavor of butter.

What’s wrong with movie theater popcorn?

Popcorn is obtained from a special variety of corn that explodes and turns into popcorn when heated at high temperatures. They are rich in B vitamins and minerals (phosphorus, magnesium, potassium and sodium). They do not contain any cholesterol, unless butter is used to cook them.

How to make popcorn flavoring?

Stir 10 cups (80 g) popcorn with 2 tablespoons melted butter. In a separate bowl, combine 2 tablespoons brown sugar, 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon and 1/8 teaspoon salt. Add this to the popcorn and stir to combine.

How many flavors of Cinépolis popcorn?

Now you can combine up to 4 popcorn flavors and delight your palate.

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Flavacol where to buy

Re: Popcorn made with a popcorn popper I have an IKEA grinder that is a glass jar, you fill it with salt and the lid that is the grinder you put it in as thin as possible and ale. You make your popcorn and then a few turns of the grinder and all the salt sticks to it… Absolutely delicious!

Heat the pot with a little oil over low heat. Then add the corn and salt and start turning the crank. You can do it slowly, but without stopping turning, until you hear that the corn has finished popping. And that’s it, uncover and serve! :D.

First, pop your popcorn in your Hot Air popper, then drizzle the POP A LOT Liquid Butter over the popped popcorn, preferably in a BOWL, sprinkle 8% to 10% Golden Pop Flavoring Seasoning Powder, in relation to the corn (this is to taste), close with your …

Put a pot with a lid on the fire and pour the coconut oil. Then put in the corn kernels. Occasionally stir the pot to prevent them from burning. When the kernels start to cook, cover the pot (but let some air in).