What countries have consulates in Houston?

What countries have consulates in Houston?

Consulate of guatemala in houston

A consulate such as the Belize Consulate in Houston, United States is part of the representation of a foreign country in other countries. Its purpose is to save and protect the rights and interests of the citizens of Belize.

Many problems can be solved by you as an individual, but in other situations, you may need consular representation abroad. A knowledgeable attorney can provide additional information and resources.

A consulate such as the Belize Consulate in Houston, United States is part of a foreign country’s representation in other countries. Its purpose is to defend and secure the rights and interests of Belizean citizens.

For other information and frequently asked questions about these and other issues, please see the FAQ page of the Belize Consulate in Houston, USA. Immigration attorneys can help handle these scenarios.

Some embassies and consulates offer other consular services such as medical care for uninsured persons who require low-cost or free services. Some honorary consulates around the world have collaborated with local medical providers to provide services in the area. Check with your local consulate or immigration law firm to learn about conditions in your region. Before going to the office, check the opening hours on the official website.

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How to make a passport appointment in Houston?

To make an appointment, call 1-877-487-2778 or 1-888-874-7793 (TDD/TTY).

How to make an appointment at the Mexican Consulate in Houston?

Note: Appointments are required at TEL. 1-877-639-4835 or by Internet at the following e-mail address: https://mexitel.sre.gob.mx/citas.webportal/.

How to make an appointment to obtain a passport?

The system allows the user to register easily, quickly and securely, by entering their DUI and password and selecting the day, time and branch of their choice, according to available spaces.

Spanish Consulate in Dallas

China calls closure of its consulate in Houston a ‘provocation’US. The U.S. made the decision under the argument of protecting U.S. intellectual property and private information of Americans.

The United States ordered the closure of the Chinese consulate in Houston, a decision announced Wednesday by Beijing that considered it a “provocation” The decision is known amid tensions between the two powers on several issues, such as the controversial law on national security in Hong Kong, the accusations of espionage or the human rights situation in Xinjiang (northwest).(Read: ‘Cold war’ between U.S. and China: how hot can it get?)

How many Spanish consulates are there in the world?

98 Consulates of Spain

The Registers of Consulates contain the public deeds authorized by the Spanish consuls abroad acting as notaries.

How many Spanish consulates are there in the world?

In total there are 126 resident Embassies in Spain and almost 800 Consulates, 153 career Consulates and more than 600 honorary Consulates. In addition, another 49 countries are accredited to Spain, but are resident in Paris, London, Brussels or Geneva. On the other hand, 42 international organizations are based in Spain.

How many Spanish consulates are there in Cuba?

Spain has three Honorary Vice-consulates in Cuba, in the cities of Santa Clara, Camagüey and Santiago de Cuba.

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Www.cita consular.com honduras

Wang Wenbin: On July 21, the United States unilaterally provoked the incident and suddenly demanded the Chinese side to close its Consulate General in Houston. In this regard, China has made solemn representations to the U.S. and requested the U.S. to immediately reverse its wrong decision; otherwise, China has to give a just and necessary response. On July 24, the Chinese Foreign Ministry notified the US to close the US Consulate General in Chengdu.

The current situation that has arisen between China and the U.S. is something we do not want to see, and the responsibility lies entirely with the United States. Once again, we urge the US to immediately correct its mistakes and create the necessary conditions to return relations between the two countries to the path of normal development.

Kyodo News: Chinese leaders often say they should “persist in the bottom-line mentality.” I understand that the bottom-line mentality means preparing for the worst. So what is China’s bottom line for Sino-US relations?

How can I make an appointment at the Mexican Consulate online?

By internet through the web page: https://mexitel.sre.gob.mx/citas.webportal.

When are mexitel appointments open?

Appointments are open in the middle and end of each month, when appointments are open they are announced in our social networks. Approximately 300 people are attended daily at the headquarters and 250 at the Consulate on Wheels.

How to make an appointment at the Mexican Consulate?

Appointments via Internet at: https://mexitel.sre.gob.mx/citas.webportal/ 24 hours a day, at the Consulates of Mexico in the United States and Canada and the following representations of Mexico abroad: Chile, Cuba, Peru, Ecuador, Spain and the United States.

Consular appointment

The new consulate facilities symbolize the good relations that both countries have, both nationally and locally. It is also evidence of how, thanks to our efforts to promote a bilateral relationship based on the principles of cooperation and mutual respect, we strengthen the protection programs and networks for our nationals.

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The modernization of the facilities at this new location, one of the most important in our global network, will allow us to expand our efforts to improve the lives of a diverse and changing community in East Texas. Under the leadership of Consul General Alicia Kerber, the consulate will continue to implement innovative programs in protection, documentation and community outreach. The new Mexican consulate in Houston has been and will continue to be a place of respect for freedoms, a safe space that, for example, recognizes and celebrates same-sex marriage. The new facility has state-of-the-art environmental regulations. In addition to the Health and Financial Guidance Counters, the consulate has a Women’s Desk and breastfeeding rooms. In this sense, it is a space in line with our Feminist Foreign Policy, the guiding principle of Mexican diplomacy -the first country in Latin America to have a gender-equal foreign policy-.