What do I need to renew my Algerian passport?

Visa for Algeria

– Algerian citizens residing abroad and registered with a diplomatic or consular mission, who do not possess a biometric or electronic passport, and who for family, professional, administrative or health reasons, are obliged to travel urgently outside the country of their residence;

– Algerian citizens residing abroad and registered with a diplomatic or consular mission, enjoying a temporary stay in a country other than their country of residence, whose passport has been lost, damaged or stolen;

– Algerian nationals not registered with a diplomatic or consular mission, whose application for regularization of their administrative situation with respect to their stay has been approved by the authorities of the host country, and who need a valid passport;

– Algerian citizens enjoying a temporary stay abroad, whose passport has been lost, damaged or stolen, and who are required to stay in one or more foreign countries before returning to Algeria;

Consulado de argelia en alicante

El registro de viajes es un servicio proporcionado por el gobierno. Este servicio le permite registrar la información sobre su próximo viaje al extranjero al Departamento de Estado para que pueda ser utilizado para ayudarle en caso de emergencia. Las personas que residen en el extranjero también pueden obtener información rutinaria de su embajada o consulado más cercano si están registradas.

Un viaje a Argelia es inolvidable. La brisa mediterránea, las ciudades blancas, la deliciosa cocina, los pueblos de oasis en el desierto al sur, la gente amable: ¿qué más se puede pedir? Desafortunadamente, probablemente necesite un visado para visitar Argelia.

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What documents do I need to travel to Algeria?

Has your Dutch passport or identity card been lost or stolen while you are abroad? The steps you need to take now will depend on how quickly you are going to travel.

It is not necessary to file a report with the local police, but it is advisable. Ask for written proof of the report, as you may need it to show to your insurer or local authorities. I am not traveling soon

If you are not planning to travel anytime soon, you have plenty of time to apply for a new passport or identity card abroad. The processing usually takes about 3 weeks. Please also take into account possible waiting periods to make an appointment and submit your application. The length of the waiting period depends on the country.

Please note: if you are traveling from Bulgaria or Romania, you cannot return to the Netherlands without a valid passport or identity card. In such cases, you will need a replacement travel document. On the page Apply for an emergency document you can find out how to apply and what you need to apply.

Algerian Consulate in Barcelona

To enter Algerian territory, even in the case of airport transit, the passport must be valid for at least six months. Algerian border authorities are particularly vigilant in checking the documentation presented for entry into Algeria.

In some cases, certain administrative authorizations may also be required, such as the work equipment of journalists or the computer equipment of engineers or architects traveling to the country.

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However, a visa extension, the duration of which may not exceed 90 days, may be granted by the territorially competent administrative authorities, on an exceptional basis, to a foreigner who wishes to extend his stay on Algerian territory beyond the period granted by the visa and who does not wish to take up residence here.

From 1-6-2021, the Algerian authorities have authorized a partial (re)opening of air borders. Travelers must present a certificate or “pass vaccinal” proving a complete vaccination schedule (with its corresponding QR code). Travelers entering Algerian territory on a commercial flight must also present a certificate of a negative PCR test performed no more than 36 hours prior to arrival (72 hours for long-haul flights with a stopover). In addition, upon arrival, an antigen test will be carried out and must be paid for.