What does a logistics committee do?

Logistics Committees

Every successful company knows the importance of proper warehouse management. For this reason, the logistics manager is highly valued. Resolute, strategic and highly organized profiles are sought to fill these positions.

The logistics manager will be responsible for the complete management of the company’s production processes. Through the Warehouse Management System or WMS, this worker will control the stock of articles, their handling, conservation, replenishment and packaging until the moment of delivery and their distribution among the points of sale or directly to the end customer.

Given the great upturn in this profession, the position of logistics manager is one of the most highly valued in the business field. For this reason, it is one of the professional careers with the best options for the future.

Since all warehouses have virtual programs for their management, the manager in charge of the warehouse must have a good command of the specific software and other necessary computer resources. In addition to performing daily tasks with these systems, the worker will be able to access valuable information to optimize the management and operations of the position.

What is a logistics committee?

A set of means and methods necessary to carry out the organization of a company, or of a service, especially distribution.

What are the functions of a logistics committee?

Logistics Committee

Much of the success of an event depends on this committee, since its main function is to establish times and movements for the entire organization and implementation of the event.

What are the functions of a committee?

– Coordination and general supervision of all the processes from the reception to the publication of the articles. – Communicate promptly to the authors the decision of acceptance or rejection of the article, according to the opinions of the referees.

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Academic Committee Functions


NOVEMBER 18, 2016 LOGISTICS COMMITTEE NAME OF THE EVENT: AFANPRE SIN LÍMITES MEMBERS: MARÍA JOSÉ GARCÍA JULIA BERNAL CAROLINA GARCÍA INGRID JULIETH RINCÓN GENERAL OBJECTIVE: to provide support to the other committees for the organization of the event by providing everything necessary for the execution and organization taking into account the need for it. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES: To know the type of event to be held To meet with the other committees to know their needs according to the functions of the logistics committee To make a study of possible places suitable for the event LECTURER: Alcira Rodríguez LECTURE VALUE: 5000 per person Total: 150. 000 for the whole group THEMES TO BE DISCUSSED: Eagerness, Anxiety and Worry TIME AVAILABLE: 2 hours PROPOSED PLACE: three places were considered that were suitable for this event, the following budgets are listed below with their respective quotation or value. 1. Zipaquirá municipal library Auditorium Value: free of charge

What is an organizing committee and its functions?

The organizing committee is a working and action body, it is the one that will execute and put into motion the plan elaborated in advance. Presidency: it is occupied by the highest executives of the company or organization with ample administrative knowledge and experience in this type of events.

What is an event committee?

He is in charge of coordinating and directing the members of the different commissions that share the commitment to plan, organize, execute and control the event in response to the needs of the institution and society in general.

What is a registration committee?

Registration committee: its role is to make the registration of participants easy, correct, comfortable and fast. Reception and hospitality committee: its role will be to host attendees at all meeting events.

Structure of an organizing committee

A logistics coordinator, or logistics manager, is the person in charge of managing the logistics department of a company, as well as the logistics team and the various activities within it. This is a professional who, in addition to having experience in the logistics sector, must also have the appropriate training for the position.

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The figure of the logistics coordinator is particularly important because he/she will be the person in charge of managing and handling all aspects related to the logistics of a company. The logistics coordinator is responsible for making decisions related to logistics or the logistics department of a company (if there is one), so it is also responsible for ensuring that the products entering and leaving a company reach their destination in the time and conditions they have to do so, which implies having the ability to manage the human resources that make up the logistics department, as well as the ability to manage any mishap or problem that may arise during the logistics operations carried out.

What do you do in the logistics of an event?

Event logistics

Organize the work team and their roles by means of an organization chart and activity flowchart. Plan the actions to be taken before the event, such as the selection of suppliers, coordination between the venue, catering service, lighting, structures, activities, etc.

What are the functions of the grievance committee?

COMPETENCY AND OBJECTIVE: The Complaints and Grievances Committee of the Constitutional Court has the function of receiving and forwarding to the competent authorities the complaints and grievances filed by citizens against any public servant of the Corporation, and eventually projecting a response.

What are the functions of a coexistence committee?


Listen to the parties involved about the facts that gave rise to the complaint. Hold meetings to create a space for dialogue between the parties. Follow up on the commitments made by the parties and verify their compliance.

Event committees

An event, regardless of its nature and scale, requires three main ingredients: proper time management, committees in charge of each stage of the event, and the resources to carry out the event. Therefore, it is necessary to have a proper knowledge of how to apply these components to make an event successful.

As can be seen in the previous matrix, it is necessary for each committee to have a minimum number of meetings in order to be able to propose changes and review progress in order to prevent errors at the time of the event.

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Its importance is of great relevance, since these four committees are the ones that govern the times, movements and resources of the entire event; and they are the ones that will determine what can and cannot be done based on the existing resources.

Next we will analyze the minimum and maximum times required to organize an event, depending on its scale. This is very important, since it is necessary to have the time well measured to achieve the fulfillment of objectives and that we lack and we do not surplus, since in the organization of an event, when there is time left over, most of the times it means that something was not done in an adequate way. Times must be well established on paper or in electronic format in order to follow them up and they must be rigorously fulfilled with the least amount of failures possible. In order to achieve this, it is necessary for the contingency committee to be very attentive to the follow-up and compliance of each stage of the organization and implementation of the event.