What does D-BOX mean in movie theaters?

Cinemark premier seats

The mechanical part of the movement was synchronized with meticulous precision. We started by synchronizing inputs in relation to sound and images. This greatly enhanced the film’s storytelling and offered a completely new cinematic experience. In 2009 we made our first appearance at a well-known venue in Los Angeles with “Fast and Furious 4”. Since that time, D-BOX had a successful growth in the United States and around the world, especially in Brazil.

MP: The movement is so precise and subtle that the viewer is really drawn into the immersion that is proposed. We create the next level of entertainment by taking people deep into the story. Engaging all their feelings and making the body an integrated part of the experience. D-BOX is not a 4D experience, it has its own DNA.

MP: D-BOX is present in more than 35 countries around the world, and more than 600 screens already offer D-BOX motion technology. We have been in the film industry since 2009, we have developed a strong relationship with studios and exhibitors, so we have become a world leader and pioneer in the immersive cinema experience. We are engaging with Virtual Reality experiences that will lead the way forward for all theaters, also considering new revenue streams.

What is D-BOX and XD?

Rooms with D-Box chairs, i.e., seats programmed to move along with the special effects; Extreme Digital (XD) rooms, with 170 m2 of screen and 50 speakers that guarantee an immersive experience, to live in depth the details of the three-dimensional, 3D technology.

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What does the Box mean in film?

D-BOX is a type of seat that moves in synchronization with the action of the film being shown, and in which the user can control the intensity of his or her movements.

What is XD in the movies?

is “Extreme Digital Cinema”, an exclusive Cinemark format. Giant screen 4 stories high. AURO 11.1 surround audio system, with greater power and speakers in the ceiling. A state-of-the-art projector that reproduces 35 trillion colors.

D-box room

Starting on Thursday, March 24, Hoyts and Cinemark will be offering D-BOX seats programmed to move with the movie, providing the viewer with an innovative and different way of experiencing the cinema.

Customers will have the option of choosing their D-BOX seat when making the purchase process on the website of the cinemas, and through mobile applications, electronic ticket offices and in the complexes, both for 2D, 3D and/or XD format films.

The seats are located in the central sector of the theater, considered the “best locations”, and are activated only if they have been purchased by a spectator. The system can be turned off if one prefers to have a moment without movement in order to settle in, and it has a detection sensor which makes the seat stop moving automatically if the client gets up from it.

The D-BOX seats debut with the premiere of “Batman Vs Superman” and will also be available in the XD format at Cinemark Malvinas. The next releases with this technology will be “The Jungle Book”, “The Huntsman and the Ice Queen” and “Captain America: Civil War”.

Which is better XD or 3D?

is XD BETTER THAN 3D? 3D is the viewing plane VS XD, which is a digital stereoscopic projection of the 3D scene. There is no difference because you are still viewing the scene in three dimensions.

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What does box office mean in spanish?

locker f (plural: lockers f)

What is a 3D movie?

3D cinema is the name given to the technology of filming and projecting movies to simulate real human three-dimensional vision. The phenomenon of cinema was an innovation, the concern of a cinema that could reproduce the images as they are visualized by the human eye was imminent.


Cinemark Ecuador installed 98 D-Box seats in Quito and Guayaquil, which are motion simulators for action movies. This April 28, 2015 the launch of this technology was held at the Plaza de las Americas, in the north of Quito.

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Which is the red box?

The white box, where the aerial challenges will take place, where you cannot touch the ground, the red box, which will be the space for combat between the superhumans and, finally, the black box, the elimination box.

What is Real D 3D?

The RealD is a 3D Cinema projection system. To be able to offer the 3D sensation, this system does not require two projectors but only one. In this way, conventional movie theaters can offer their users 3D cinema without the need to spend a lot of money.

What is bistro in Cinemark?

Exclusive leather chairs, reclining and comfortable with side table. Wait comfortably for your movie to start. Wide variety of food, snack bar and room service.

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Cinemark seats

In 4 Cinemark Hoyts complexes, the price of tickets for D-BOX seats has been reduced by half from Monday to Wednesday. These cinemas are: Cinemark San Justo, Cinemark Malvinas Argentinas, Hoyts Moreno and Hoyts Temperley.

The general admission for this type of format is, at the time of this article, $620, so with this promotion the admission is $310. Except in Moreno where the admission is cheaper and is $280.

These are those theaters that have seats that move with the movie. It is not a complete theater, but special rows (usually 2 or 3) with this type of seats. The rest of the theater is “normal”.