What does the Treasury Select Committee do?

What is the public treasury

Negotiate and manage the approval of Contingent Financing to obtain resources in the event of a natural or technological disaster, or an economic and/or financial crisis;

Provide for the implementation of mechanisms or standard means of collection and revenue collection, which includes electronic and digital means, for its timely accreditation in the CUT and its proper registration;

Program, manage, negotiate, approve, subscribe and register non-reimbursable international cooperation, of a technical or financial nature, directly linked to National Government Indebtedness Operations, which are granted in favor of the State;

Propose the regulation on bank reconciliations of financial flows by the decentralized level of the Treasury System, based on accounting and cash flow information;

Propose the use of available sources of financing to meet the requirements in the event of a possible occurrence of a natural or technological disaster, or an economic and/or financial crisis;

Commission for the Prevention of Money Laundering and Monetary Violations

That it is essential to improve and consolidate the regulatory framework that governs the National System for the Promotion of Private Investment, in order to facilitate, promote and provide greater predictability to the awarding of investment projects that contribute to the recovery of the economy and optimize the operation of the aforementioned System;

3.2 The role of the State includes follow-up work and the performance of actions to facilitate the timely execution of the projects developed under the modalities regulated in this Legislative Decree, in accordance with the principles set forth in Article 4.

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c. In the case of disputes during the execution of the project, when there is evidence, evaluations or elements of judgment that allow determining that it is more convenient, in terms of cost benefit, to opt for direct dealing, instead of resorting to arbitration, it is opted to resolve such disputes through direct dealing.

6. Integrity: The conduct of those who participate in private investment promotion processes is guided by honesty, rectitude, honesty and truthfulness, avoiding any improper practice, which, in case of occurrence, is communicated to the competent authorities, directly and in a timely manner.

Treasury prevention laundering

The House of Representatives is comprised of 435 elected members, divided among the 50 states proportionally according to their total populations. In addition, there are 6 non-voting members representing the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and four other U.S. territories: American Samoa, Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. The highest ranking officer of the House is the Speaker of the House, who is elected by the representatives. This person is third in the line of succession to the presidency.

The Senate has the exclusive power to confirm those presidential appointments that require consent and to provide advice and consent to ratify treaties. However, there are two exceptions to the rule: the House must also approve vice presidential appointments and any treaties involving foreign trade. Similarly, the Senate conducts impeachment trials of federal officials in proceedings initiated by the House.

What is the Peruvian Treasury

Section 1: The Association shall have a Council and an Executive Council. The Council shall consist of the following nine members: the four officers: president, past president, vice president and president-elect and secretary-treasurer (executive council), and the five persons who are members of the Council by virtue of their position as chairpersons. of the Conference Committee, Chairperson of the Membership Committee, Chairperson of the Liaison Committee, Chairperson of the Professional Standards Committee, Chairperson of the Publications Committee.

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The Executive Council shall meet as often as it deems necessary. The President shall decide whether the Executive Council or the Council shall deal with the respective matters, and the Executive Council may, by majority vote, decide to submit matters to the full Council. The Chairman shall send the minutes of the Executive Council meetings to the members of the Council in a timely manner. The Board and the Executive Council may make decisions between meetings by mail, telephone, fax or e-mail or other electronic means of communication. Decisions of the Board and Executive Council require a majority of their respective members.