What is Prenotami?

[email protected] rosario

The Consolato Generale d’Italia in La Plata announced that as of 06/14/2021 the new portal [email protected] https://prenotami.esteri.it will be operational, for the on-line booking of appointments for consular services: passports, citizenship, etc.

As of this date, it will be possible to book appointments only through the new portal. The appointments booked through the Prenota Online system are still valid and will remain in force.

To access the new [email protected] portal, a new registration will be required. Before doing so, it is advisable to carefully read the user’s manual, available at https://prenotami.esteri.it.

How to make an appointment at the Italian Consulate?

To book an appointment for CONSULTATIVE SERVICES until August 11, 2021 use the Prenota OnLine portal: https://prenotaonline.esteri.it/login.aspx?cidsede=100011&ReturnUrl=/

When do the 2021 Italian citizenship applications open?

[email protected] – Reopening of the citizenship services (Reconstruction and direct children of legal age) We inform you that as of 10/27/2021 the two citizenship services: Reconstruction and direct children of legal age will be reactivated in the [email protected] Portal.

On which days are Italian passport appointments available?

Italian Consulate of CABA

These appointments may be requested on Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays during the hours indicated.

Prenota online

5 – It is necessary to verify that the form has been completed correctly: incomplete or incorrectly completed forms will be rejected. The appointment will be cancelled and you will have to request a new appointment.

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6- Once the form is completed, click on accept, select the available date and confirm the appointment. Remember: the calendar will show the first available date. If the date is in red, it means that the appointments are all taken, so you must select the green or orange checkboxes.

How to make an appointment at prenota me?

The appointment request for the presentation of the new applications will be made exclusively through the [email protected] system. In order to carry out the procedure, it is necessary to go to the Consulate of Italy located at Necochea 712, Mendoza, during the hours assigned by “Reserve Online”.

What do I need to obtain an Italian passport?

In order to apply for an Italian passport, it is necessary to have previously completed the Italian citizenship procedure, and at least 60 days must have elapsed since the consulate sent the notification that you are already a citizen of that country.

How to obtain Italian citizenship by great-grandfather?

To obtain Italian citizenship

If the descendants are paternal and only male – great-grandfather, grandfather, father and yourself – there are no limitations with respect to the year of birth of the children. In other words, they are entitled to citizenship regardless of their date of birth.

Prenota online córdoba

21/01/2022 – The Consulate General of Italy informs that it can grant to Italian citizens in extreme need monetary allowances and/or health assistance. The Consulate does not grant pensions.

The address given in the service must be the place of effective residence and coincide with the one declared in the application and the one appearing in the DNI of both the applicant and the cohabiting family members.

11/01/2022 – The National Administration of Social Security (ANSES) extended until next Monday, February 28, the suspension of the life certificate for retired women and men who collect their assets through the social security agency.

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Without IFE 4 and after the extension of the sanitary measures dictated by President Alberto Fernández due to coronavirus, the extraordinary benefit whose deadline had been set for Friday, December 31, 2021, enables senior citizens to avoid having to go to the banks to prove their survival.

How much does it cost to become an Italian citizen in Argentina 2021?

How much does Italian citizenship cost in 2021? One of the most demanded consular services is the processing of Italian citizenship by direct descent or reconstruction, whose amount updated in pesos for this last quarter of the year has been set at $34,340.

How to obtain Italian citizenship without descendants?

Obtaining Italian citizenship is based on the principle of “ius sanguinis” (right of blood) without generational restriction. This gives the legal right to whoever has an Italian ancestor to apply to the Italian embassy.

When are appointments available at the Italian Consulate in Rosario?

In accordance with the appointment policy of the Consulate of Rosario, it has recently been announced that new appointments for the issuance of passports will be available a few days before the expiration of the previous quota (next expiration on 04/21/2021).

Italian Consulate

The system for booking appointments for Italian citizenship and other consular services has a new platform as of today, June 14, 2021, in which you will be able to access online to the web portal, in this site you will have the possibility to register, select and book the various services that the platform will provide.

For this, the consulate through its new portal called “Prenotami or [email protected]” will provide you with a system that will replace the old method of video calls made by WhatsApp and the reservation of services made online with the web “Prenotaonline”.

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However, if you have already made your appointment request through this method, do not worry, as this old system will continue to be active for appointments previously made by users. On the other hand, appointments already booked in the old portal will remain valid and will be posted in the consular booking offices.

Each consular office will establish the reservation of appointments in its Web portal, starting from the first available date, so we advise you to be patient and insist, since being a new system for the moment it will not be available immediately for all consulates or simply the simultaneous entry of users from the same locality will make the system slow or even collapse.