What is the youth select committee?

What is the youth select committee?

Youth Organizations

Use your creativity and narrative to create a video on the TikTok application about mental health, leisure time occupation and recommendations for a healthy coexistence with your family, friends and community during the pandemic.

To encourage the participation of young Mexicans in the creation of videos with positive messages about living together with their family, friends, school and community, reflecting their experiences and learning in their daily lives or during the pandemic.

To participate in the contest, you must make one to three videos using the resources and tools available on TikTok so that, with your creativity, you can generate original and unpublished material. Record your video(s) and register them here.

Note: It is essential to register within the means and times indicated in this call for entries; otherwise, the application will not be considered for the judging and selection process.

European Union Competitive Examinations

Please note that you will not be able to submit the form until you have uploaded the following required documents:The application will be made exclusively online. Once the complete application with all documents has been received, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail. If you have any questions or queries, please contact us before submitting your application (info[at]avh.de). We will be happy to assist you.

From the applications submitted, the selection committee chooses suitable candidates, who are invited to an audition and notified by the end of April at the latest. The audition and final selection take place in Madrid, usually in late May or early June. The procedure (from receipt of applications to notification of selection) takes approximately five months in total.

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European recruitment office

Last July 17-19, 2015, 27 young people selected to live a cooperative process to fill vacancies in the youth committee of Caja Popular Mexicana in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, gathered together.

The objective of the event focused on developing leadership and synergy among young cooperative members to strengthen them, motivating and committing them to cooperative action in favor of their cooperative and the community.

Cooperativism allows us to develop leadership skills, assume responsibilities, allows us to grow as people and even within the cooperative and beyond the cooperative sector if that is our intention; by becoming cooperative beings we also allow us to form a thought that builds great objectives, allows us to be part of a Synergy that leads us to take advantage of the differences and equalities of all. Let us celebrate the opportunity to improve our leadership and synergy. The slogan of the event is “With you we leave our mark”.

European civil servant requirements

We also seek to promote the option of specific scholarships for priority and strategic careers that each community needs, to promote the development of priority areas that help the development of the country.REQUIREMENTS

Registration is now open for scholarships for tertiary and university students, postgraduates and young researchers to participate in scientific and technological linkage projects. Applications will be received until February 26th.

The scholarships are aimed at the generation of new knowledge and greater technological expertise, the development of innovations and the strengthening of links between INTI’s working groups and other institutions. In all cases, the scholarships will be of a formative nature, which implies that they may not interfere with the normal development of the scholarship holder’s studies.

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Those interested should complete the application form in which they will have to detail the project/s in which they wish to apply, always taking into account the relevance of the topic with the field of study they are developing.