When can you renew Malaysia passport?

Embassy of Malaysia in Mexico

The Embassy of Mexico in Malaysia informs that it has initiated the process of issuance of the new passport booklet “G prima”, which introduces important security measures, in accordance with the international agreements contracted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), which allows to standardize the issuance of passports in the national territory and abroad.

1.- Come personally to our offices since the signature and fingerprints on the passport application (OP-5 form) must be made in the presence of the Consular Section staff. The form is free of charge and will be provided to you on the day of your appointment.

Passport Ranking 2020

Home > Services > Visas for Foreigners Visas for Foreigners#CountryOrdinary PassportOfficial Diplomatic Passport and ServiceRemarks1Afghanistan, State of Palestine(C) CONSULTED(C) CONSULTED2Albania(A) VISA EXEMPT(A) VISA EXEMPTHonduras will give Category “B” treatment to all passports.Guatemala and Nicaragua: will give Category “B” treatment to all passports.6Antigua and Barbuda(A) will give Category “C” treatment to all passports.7Saudi Arabia(A) VISA EXEMPT(A) VISA EXEMPT(B) will give Category “C” treatment to all passports.

Category “C” treatment for all passports.6 Antigua and Barbuda(A) VISA EXEMPT(A) VISA EXEMPT7 Saudi Arabia(A) VISA EXEMPT(A) VISA EXEMPTHonduras will accord Category “B” treatment to all passports.8 Algeria(C) CONSULTED(C) CONSULTEDANicaragua will accord Category “B” treatment to all passports.9Argentina(A) VISA EXEMPT(A) VISA EXEMPTANicaragua will accord Category “B” treatment to all passports.10 Armenia(C) CONSULTED(C) CONSULTED11Australia(A) VISA EXEMPT(A) VISA EXEMPT(A) VISA EXEMPT(A) requires a tourist card.12Austria(A) VISA EXEMPT(A) VISA EXEMPT13Azerbaijan (Azerbaijan)(B) CONSULAR OR NO CONSULTATION(B) CONSULAR OR NO CONSULTATION(B) Nicaragua and Honduras will accord Category “A” treatment to holders of diplomatic passports/ passports.

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Henley Passport Index

Most nationalities do not require a visa for business or social visits to Malaysia. There are 124 countries exempt from visa requirements for short stays of at least 2 weeks, provided visitors are in possession of a valid passport or travel document valid for at least six months beyond the period of stay.

Updated and specific details on visa information can be found on the website of the Malaysian Immigration Department (www.imi.gov.my).    For more information on visa inquiries and visa applications, please send an e-mail to [email protected]

World Passport

In November 2001, the so-called Identigram function was added, a series of holographic security features, including a three-dimensional eagle, a holographic copy of the holder’s image (the so-called Holographic Shadow Image), a holographic copy of the machine-readable zone, holographic microprinting and kinematic elements.

Since November 1, 2005, German passports have had a contactless smart card chip (proximity card) and a 13.56 MHz loop antenna embedded in the cover.[7] In accordance with ICAO standards. The chip and antenna are not easily recognizable visually, but their presence is indicated by the ICAO biometric passport symbol on the bottom of the front cover. It carries all the data printed in the passport, including a JPEG file of the photo, protected by a digital signature. Thus, Germany became the fifth country in the world (after Malaysia, Thailand, Sweden and Australia) to introduce biometric passports.