Which is the best definition of delegate?


A good delegate should have a series of positive characteristics, which do not consist of an academic profile, but of a personal one. Empathy is one of these qualities: he/she must be a person accepted by the whole class, with a spirit of dialogue. He must be respectful of everyone and, fundamentally, he must want to represent his group. Another important trait is that he must be able to distinguish what he expresses in a particular way from what he says in the exercise of his functions. He must not take advantage of his position for his own benefit.

The delegate, supported by the subdelegate, can, with the tutor, call meetings of the students he represents in order to be able to consult their proposals and inform them during non-teaching hours; he can also promote, if necessary, initiatives and activities in class. He/she can coordinate, with the other course delegates, the joint activities of the course, cycle or stage.

The figure of the delegate, in short, is of great interest and value in the classroom. The cohesion and positive functioning of the group often depends on his or her leadership skills and willingness to collaborate, so it is worth dedicating a few tutoring sessions to the subject before proceeding to a quick and meaningless vote.

What is the salary of a delegate?

How much does a Delegate earn in Mexico? The average delegate salary in Mexico is $108,000 per year or $55.38 per hour. Entry level positions start at $66,900 per year, while more experienced professionals earn up to $268,125 per year.

What are the characteristics that a delegate should have?

Profile of the class or group delegate

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Empathy is one of these qualities. He/she must be a person accepted by the whole class, with a spirit of dialogue. He/she must be respectful of everyone and, fundamentally, must want to represent his/her group. Therefore, he/she must have the vocation of a delegate.

How much does a delegate earn in the CDMX?

The delegate received a salary of 100,418.5 pesos in September.

What is the function of a delegate?

To delegate is the action performed by a person by which he/she transfers the responsibility of undertaking a task, or making a decision for which he/she is empowered, to another person who must carry it out. In other words, it is the action of entrusting a task that corresponds to an empowered person to another person.

As we were saying, the action of delegating is very frequent in the business world, when a manager delegates part of his functions to another person, who must carry them out. However, the figure of the delegate is very frequent in other areas such as the economy in general, education, politics, as well as other scenarios.

The person to whom a power is delegated, i.e. who is entrusted to undertake a certain task or make a decision, is known as a “delegatee”. The delegatee, therefore, must undertake the tasks delegated to him or her, as well as do them correctly.

The delegate, therefore, is the person who represents a manager, or the organization itself, permanently or circumstantially, before a certain task, an event or an event. The delegate can also be designated permanently to perform a series of tasks and formalities. This is the case of the union delegate in a company, who must represent the interests of the union and the workers before the managers. Similarly, the class delegate, who has to represent the interests of the students before the teachers and the board of directors of the educational institution throughout his or her term of office.

What is the name of the person who replaces the delegate?

subdelegado, subdelegada | Definition | Diccionario de la lengua española | RAE – ASALE.

How do you say delegate?

A delegate is a member of a group that is representing an organization (e.g., a government, a charity, an NGO, or a trade union) at a meeting or conference between organizations at the same level (e.g., trade talks or an environmental summit between governments; a dispute over …

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How is a government delegate appointed?

The Government Delegates are appointed and removed by Royal Decree of the Council of Ministers, at the proposal of the President of the Government, and shall have their headquarters in the locality where the Council of Government of the Autonomous Community is located, unless the Council of Ministers determines otherwise and without prejudice to the provisions of the …

Characteristics of a shop steward

Shop stewards advise their union members when they have a problem at work, and represent them in negotiations with their employers on issues such as job security, wages and conditions, dismissal and discrimination.

Some stewards help plan union policy and put it into practice. The work involves dealing with a wide variety of people, researching and analyzing information, and organizing time effectively. More experienced stewards conduct more important collective bargaining negotiations.

You must have a strong desire to help and support others on the job, and be committed to protecting their interests. You must also be up to date on current employment issues, for example, on new laws to prevent discrimination against people in the workplace because of their age.

What should a class delegate do?

a) The delegate is the representative of the course, spokesperson between the authorities of the level and his/her group of classmates.

What are the functions of a class delegate?

Class delegates. The student class delegate represents all his classmates and exposes to the tutor and specialist teachers the problems that arise in the group he represents. The Subdelegate of the class is the student who, together with the Delegate, represents the classmates of his class.

What is the role of a community delegate?

The Municipal Delegate is the political and administrative representation of the City Council in their localities and must comply and enforce the Bando de Policía y Buen Gobierno, municipal regulations, circulars and other provisions of a general nature within their locality, assist the federal authorities, …

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What is a delegate

A delegate is a member of a group that is representing an organization (e.g., a government, a charity, an NGO, or a labor union) at a meeting or conference between organizations at the same level (e.g., trade talks or an environmental summit between governments; litigation over an industrial dispute; or a meeting of the student council of individual universities at a national student conference).

Delegates from the major political parties are involved in the selection of candidates for the U.S. presidency through caucuses, conventions, and primaries. Some of the officials involved in this are called superdelegates.

A delegate is the title of a person elected to the U.S. House of Representatives to serve the interests of an organized U.S. territory, overseas or in the District of Columbia, but historically in most cases to a part of North America as a precursor to the current states of the union.