Who can be a committee member?

Examples of works councils in companies

The works council is a body made up of all the workers of a company who represent all the company’s employees. It is a fundamental organism, since it is in charge of negotiating the working conditions with the company and defending the interests of the workers in case of conflict.

It is common for a company to have more than one works council, as they can be set up in all workplaces where there are more than 50 employees. Thus, if a company has two workplaces with more than 50 workers each, a works council can be set up in both workplaces. For its coordination, an intercenter committee may be created through the collective bargaining agreement.

As we have already explained, the workers’ representatives are responsible for defending the interests of the employees and therefore act as interlocutors between the company and the workforce. As such, they must be informed and consulted whenever the employer takes any decision affecting the employees, such as, for example, staff restructuring and dismissals, reductions in working hours, total or partial relocation of facilities or vocational training plans, among others.

Who can be a member of the works council?

All workers who are of legal age and have been with the company for at least six months may be members of the works council.

Who can be a union representative?

And workers over 18 years of age with at least 6 months’ seniority may be elected, unless the Collective Bargaining Agreement indicates a lesser seniority. It does not matter whether the workers are Spanish or foreign or whether they are members of a union or not. And the workers will be elected for 4 years.

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How many members make up the works council?

The number of members composing the Works Council is determined as follows: 50 to 100 workers: 5 members. 101 to 250 workers: 9 members. 251 to 500 workers: 13 members.

Personnel Committee

Home ” TOC Community Toolkit ” Developing a Strategic Plan, Organizational Structure and Training System ” Chapter 9. Developing an Organizational Structure ” Section 4. Establishing an Ongoing Board of Directors ” Main Section

Similarly, serving on a board of directors offers people the opportunity to volunteer for a cause they believe in and to use their skills and prestige to pursue it. Thus, by offering a board position, the initiative has something to offer people as well as something to gain.

For example, the board may decide that the organization will not accept funds from some sponsors whose practices are not in line with the initiative’s policy. The board can monitor contributions to make sure that money from those sponsors is not being used.

The board ensures that the mission and philosophy of the organization are upheld. This is one of its most important tasks. It is the watchdog that keeps the organization focused on its goals and protects the ideals that motivated participants to become involved in the work of the initiative.

What does it take to create a committee?

In order to create the committee, the members must first be chosen. In the case of the company representatives, they will be appointed directly, while the workers’ representatives will participate in a direct secret ballot.

What is a committee and how is it formed?

A committee or commission is a governing body of a political party or one of its sections, a representative body of the workers of a company or work center for the defense of their interests. … Executive: Appointed by the steering committee to direct the agreements they make in the organization.

How many people does a company have to have to have a union representative?

They constitute the representation of the workers in the company or work center that has less than 50 and more than 10 workers. There may also be a personnel delegate in companies or work centers with between six and ten workers, if so decided by a majority of the workers.

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Personnel Delegate

The Joint Health and Safety Committee (CPHS) is a technical unit of joint work between the company and the workers, which serves to detect and evaluate the risks of accidents and occupational diseases that workers may suffer.

Yes, they operate in the same way as in private companies, governed by Decree No. 54 of 1969 of the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, which regulates in general the Joint Health and Safety Committees.

Yes, a Joint Health and Safety Committee must be organized if the company has different workplaces, branches or agencies, in the same or different places. Likewise, a Permanent Joint Committee may be formed for the entire company, which will supervise the functioning of the joint committees organized in each branch or site.

You must go to the respective Labor Directorate, collect the registration forms and attach the requested documentation. You can also do it via internet at www.direcciondeltrabajo.cl, you only need to be registered to obtain an access code and follow the instructions indicated there.

When is union representation mandatory?

WHEN IS EMPLOYEE REPRESENTATION MANDATORY? The general criterion established in the regulations is that, from 10 or more workers, there must be legal representation of workers whenever the staff or a trade union organization demands it.

When is a legal employee representative mandatory?

From 11 or more employees in the company, representation is mandatory. – It is elective: representatives are elected by means of an electoral procedure.

How can a joint committee be created in the company?

Have at least one year of seniority in their job. Have completed an orientation course in risk prevention. The incumbent representatives shall be the three highest majorities and the alternates shall be the three following in decreasing order of votes. In the event of a tie, the election shall be resolved by drawing lots.

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What is a work committee

The purpose of the Labor Coexistence Committee is to prevent harassment at work and to deal with it when it occurs. The Committee will seek to promote labor relations conducive to mental health and respect for the dignity of employees at all hierarchical levels of the Corporation, through promotion, prevention and intervention strategies for conflict resolution, and will develop awareness, training and periodic monitoring activities.

ARTICLE ONE: MEMBERS OF THE LABOR COEXISTENCE COMMITTEE. The Labor Coexistence Committee shall be composed of two (2) representatives of the employer and their respective alternates and two (2) of the employees, with their respective alternates.

ARTICLE EIGHT: REPLACEMENTS. The alternates of the representatives, both of the employer and of the employees, shall be summoned by the rest of the members of the Committee in the event of temporary or definitive absence of some of its main members. They shall be numerical alternates in the voting order in which they were elected.