Who Is Money minister?

Minister of Economy 2022

The Ministry of Economy and Finance and its respective administrative units, including the entities attached to it, shall be vested with coercive jurisdiction for the collection of any tax, fine or credit caused by reason of its functions.

All personnel of the Ministries of Treasury and Planning and Economic Policy, as well as their respective budgets, are hereby assigned to the Ministry of Economy and Finance. Said personnel shall have the duties and powers they currently have and those assigned to them by the laws, regulations or the Minister.

The control of the special social development programs that were carried out through the Directorate of Planning and Regional Coordination shall be assigned to the Ministry of the Presidency.

Paragraph 2 of Article One of Cabinet Decree 256 of 1970, amended by Law 13 of 1980, shall read as follows: Paragraph 2. All operations approved by the Steering Committee of the Preinvestment Fund, whose amount exceeds the sum of two hundred and fifty thousand balboas (B/.250,000.00), up to the sum of two million balboas (B/.2,000,000.00) must have the approval of the National Economic Council.

What the Minister of Finance is doing

The economist Eduardo Garzón, brother of the Minister of Consumer Affairs, Alberto Garzón, and also linked to IU and Unidas Podemos, has once again become the protagonist of the economic debate in social networks after this weekend he once again put forward his traditional recipe to get out of the crisis, in this case the one caused by the pandemic: put the banknote printer to work at full speed and create billions of euros.

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Without a second’s thought, Garzón replied: “What do you mean there are no funds? Money is a human invention and can be created without limits. The European Central Bank has created trillions of euros in a very short time. But to feed the financial markets, not the real economy; that’s the problem, not that there are no funds. What do you mean there are no funds? Money is a human invention and can be created without limits. The European Central Bank has created trillions of euros in a very short time. But to feed the financial markets, not for the real economy; that is the problem, not that there are no funds. https://t.co/nbsBK82OwB Eduardo Garzón (@edugaresp) December 11, 2020 Faced with the avalanche of criticism and derision from other tweeters, Garzón hastened to qualify his previous message: “That money can be created without limits does not mean that it is good or convenient to do so. Whoever deduces that from the previous tweet has bad reading comprehension or bad intentions. Between nothing and infinity there is a wide margin to create money without generating inflationary tensions”.

Minister of Economy Argentina 2020

“It is the Government’s commitment to return the contributions to the fonavistas, as immediately and promptly as possible, including their updating. To this end, the Executive will present an alternative that will allow us to have liquidity to make these payments, while the problem of the registration of fonavistas lists and the prioritization of the most vulnerable population is solved”, indicated Graham Yamahuchi.

“It would be an unfeasible refund in fiscal terms and would distract us from looking at such crucial issues as emergency attention, health issues and the return to school,” added Minister Graham.

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CARLOS CORNEJO: Very well… Budgeting for Results, also called strategic programs or budgetary programs one or the other seems to be a false dichotomy, it seems to be a lack of discussion. We have with us Juan Pablo Silva, Director of the Directorate of Quality of Expenditure of the Ministry of Economy and Finance. Why is it said that this is a lack of discussion?

Interviewer: The expectations of having more employment, that this employment be formal; salary increases and, also, a fundamental point has been expressed, which is not only to focus on the capital city but also to talk about decentralization and the importance of looking towards the regions of our country. What has been done and what is about to be done, Minister?

Minister of Economy of Argentina

The Minister of Economy, Planning and Development, Miguel Ceara Hatton, stated that the Government is working on a system for the national budget to be carried out according to what is planned by the Economic Cabinet of the Executive Power.

“Planning used to be a book, today it is a process, today it is a platform, today it is a continuum and that is what is important, that is what we are doing, where the whole budgeting system is made according to what is planned. Previously, planning and budgeting were separate, now we are doing an exercise to ensure that they go together, so that the money goes where it is really needed”, explained Ceara Hatton.

According to the official statement of the event, the Pnpsp was structured taking as its starting point the Government of Change Program and identifies as its central objective to improve the quality of life of the people.

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