Who is the richest nightclub owner?

Who is the richest nightclub owner?


In 2005, Glazer took over the English club for £790 million (€972 million/$1.3 billion) amid protests. Fans believed that the billionaire, who was listed 354th on the Forbes list of the world’s richest men with a fortune estimated at $4 billion, was acting purely for profit.

In order to finance the operation, the family made large debts to Manchester. The highest installment was in 2008/2009 with around 716 million pounds. Today, the club has debts of 351 million pounds.

In 2006, Glazer retired from Manchester after suffering two strokes, leaving his six children in control of 90 percent of the club. The remaining ten percent has been listed since 2012 on the New York Stock Exchange. Already in 1995, Glazer bought the debt-ridden NFL club Tampa Bay Buccaneers, with which he achieved in 2012 the first title. The club’s value quadrupled. There he also left the management to his sons and only rarely attended games.

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There are many people who will be familiar with Jeff Luriebecause his family founded General Cinema, which was a chain of movie theaters that could be found all over the United States for a time.  However, even though General Cinema no longer exists, Jeff Lurie is still successful, as evidenced by the fact that he is the current owner of the Philadelphia Eagles.  This is because, while working for General Cinema for a time, he made a successful transition to the production side, with the result that he actually won not one but two Oscars for projects he has been involved in.  Interestingly, both Lurie and the rest of his family are big fans of Boston sports teams, which is why he actually tried to buy the New England Patriots at one point, but was prevented from doing so because he was outbid.  Instead, he ended up buying the Philadelphia Eagles, which was made possible by the support of his family.  Given that the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots have met twice in the Super Bowl, one can’t help but wonder what Lurie was thinking during those times, particularly considering he has had a win and a loss on those occasions.

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Percassi: divorced, with six children and ranked 1990 on the Forbes listIt comes as no surprise, with this management, that Percassi will enter the Italian Football Hall of Fame in 2020, inscribing his name alongside those of Silvio Berlusconi, Adriano Galliani, Giuseppe Marotta or Massimo Moratti. The Atalanta boss is not lacking in anything, having even bought Crespi d’Adda, a municipality declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995. His goal was to centralize his business operations there.

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Those who have already thought about how to open a nightclub from scratch, initially understand that this will have to spend very well. Therefore, this type of business is suitable only for those entrepreneurs who have a large start-up capital.

At the same time, a nightclub is a very profitable and very interesting business that can generate decent dividends for its creator. Therefore, if you decide to open a night club, the business plan of which has already been thought out to the smallest detail, then you have made an excellent choice.

What do you need to open a night club? You only need a separate room that meets a number of requirements: it has a sufficient area (it is recommended to make the main room with a dance floor of at least 250 square meters) and high ceilings (about 4 m), where you will need to hang sound or lighting equipment.

Before starting the finishing work, it is necessary to draw up an appropriate project. It will be quite difficult to do without specialists here (will have to spend from 2 to 5 thousand dollars for their services). Start with a general concept.

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