Who makes up a troop committee?

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The Association of Scouts of Mexico, A.C. (Asmac) is a civil association dedicated to the formation of character in youth by complementing the education of its members through the approach to nature as a source of location in the world around us and through participation in the life of society, in the expressions of culture and transcendent values. From this environment, it stimulates the development of personal skills and social responsibility of each young person, instilling ideals, helping them to create their own responsibility and guiding their vocation of service to the community, based on the guidelines set by the founder of Scouting, Lord Robert S.S. Baden-Powell of Gilwell. Recognized by the world scouting community (WOSM) since August 26, 1926, and registered before the civil authorities of Mexico on February 24, 1943.

On the other hand, the interest of Catholic schools in Mexico led them to adopt the Scout movement as an extracurricular activity for their students, so that in 1931, with the permission of the then Archbishop of Mexico, Pascual Diaz, the first six Scout Groups were formed in Mexico City in Lasallian and Marist schools, thus forming the Catholic Explorers of Mexico. Three of these groups still exist: Group I of Mexico, Group III of Mexico and Group IV. Founded on November 1, 1931.

Mexico Scout Troop Manual

It is part of scouting and that is also why we differ from other youth associations, in that the work to educate young people needs the collaboration of parents to develop scout activities. We have always defended that a scout group is not a kindergarten and that the work of parents, always from the different options of each family, must be participatory and complementary to the educational offer offered by scouting. For this reason we include in the registration form the different possibilities of collaboration that we may need and that we will ask you throughout the course or Ronda Solar. AS WE HAVE EXPLAINED IN THE DIFFERENT SECTIONS OF THIS DOCUMENT, YOUR COLLABORATION IS ESSENTIAL.

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a) Passes of section by age: we can highlight the beaver exit where it is staged as the beaver crosses the river to reach its new section, the herd. The rest of the passes to the other sections, although they do not have a common thread or story, they do belong to the scout tradition and specific scenography.

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The parents and guardians of the beneficiary members are an active part of our group, as they are the ones who make up the Group Committee, this body aims to support the development and management of the group, as well as contribute to generate an integrated and effective educational task.

Those leaders and guides of the group who were parents of young members of the group, who occupy the positions of group leader, group assistant, unit leader and unit assistant will not be able to access positions or participate in meetings, in their capacity as parents or guardians of the group committee.

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In the TROPA JUAN DE LANUZA we work in Patrols. Life in Patrols enhances personal commitment. They choose their own leaders and program the activities, with the support of their educators. The boys and girls acquire their own responsibilities and learn to value teamwork.

They engage collectively and individually in actions for change and strive to grow as individuals. They develop their own personal projects, set goals and help each other to mature and grow as committed adults.