Who selects the committee chair?

The European Commission President

The President, among other powers, represents the Court of Audit, convenes and presides over the Plenary and the Governing Committee – setting the agendas for the sessions, directing the deliberations, deciding in the event of a tie in the votes with his casting vote and agreeing on the execution of the resolutions adopted – and arranges the expenses of the Court and the contracting of works, goods, services, supplies and other services necessary for its operation, when they have been authorized by the Plenary or the Governing Committee or are of an ordinary and periodic nature.

It also corresponds to the President to exercise the superior management of the personnel, to call selective tests to fill vacancies in the Corps of the Court of Accounts or in the labor personnel, to make the appointments of the personnel in the service of the Court, to freely appoint and dismiss the temporary personnel -at the proposal, if appropriate, of the Councilors- and to declare the administrative situations in which the officials belonging to the Corps of the Court must remain and, when appropriate, the retirement of the same.

Who elects the members of the Commission?

The other twenty-six members of the Commission are proposed by the Council of the European Union and the president-elect, who must agree to send a Commission proposal to the European Parliament, where the whole is submitted to a final vote.

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Who is proposing the candidate for Chairman of the Commission?

Every five years the European Council – composed of the EU heads of state or government – proposes a candidate for the presidency of the Commission to the European Parliament. The candidate usually comes from the political family with the highest representation.

How is the President of the Council of the European Union elected?

Since the Lisbon Treaty, it has been established that the President of the European Council shall be elected by qualified majority and for a term of office of 2.5 years, and may be re-elected once more.

Members of the European Commission

Congresswoman Beatriz Cota Ponce, president of the aforementioned commission, explained that the work of the Commission is carried out in strict compliance with the Federal Law for the Revocation of Mandate in accordance with the provisions of Article 33, paragraphs V and VI.

The Commission for Gender Equality presented to the assembly the referred call, which is based on the Organic Law of the Legislative Power as an indispensable tool of participation for the integration of a legislative agenda that promotes women’s equality, as well as the promotion of women’s participation in the legislative process.

Horacio Ortega Pecovich, José Isasi Siqueiros, Rafael Higuera Alfaro, Martín Eduardo Moreno Ramos, Servando Martínez Méndez, Horacio Antonio Biébrich Tribolet, Iván Eduardo Andrade Rembau, Jorge Soto Rodríguez, María Lourdes Figueroa García and Cynthia Dennis Coronado Ruiz, were the citizens who participated in the call….

Who removes the members of the European Commission?

By forced resignation, individually or collectively, at the request of the President of the Commission; By the adoption of a motion of censure by the European Parliament, approved by a two-thirds majority of its Members.

How are MEPs grouped in the European Parliament?

The deputies are organized into 20 committees, three subcommittees and 39 delegations (interparliamentary delegations and delegations to joint parliamentary committees, parliamentary cooperation committees and multilateral parliamentary assemblies)[5].

How is the president appointed?

He is elected by direct and universal vote. Once elected, he/she takes office on December 1 of the year of the election. The term of office is six years, without the possibility of reelection, not even in the case of having served as interim, provisional or substitute.

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President of the European Union 2019

10. To give a vote of no confidence to the Executive Vice-President and to the Ministers. The motion of censure may only be discussed two days after being submitted to the Assembly, which may decide, by a three-fifths majority of the deputies, that the vote of censure implies the dismissal of the Executive Vice-President or the Minister.

20. To qualify its members and hear of their resignation. The temporary removal of a deputy may only be agreed upon by a vote of two thirds of the deputies present.

2. The Governors and Secretaries of Government of the States and authorities of similar rank of the Capital District, for up to three months after the absolute separation from office.

Deputies to the National Assembly may not be owners, administrators or directors of companies that contract with state juridical persons, nor may they manage particular cases of lucrative interest with the same. During the voting on cases in which conflicts of economic interests arise, the members of the National Assembly who are involved in such conflicts must abstain.

Who elects the President of the Council of Europe?

Charles Michel is president of the European Council as of December 1, 2019. He was previously prime minister of Belgium for five years.

Who represents the EU abroad?

The Foreign Affairs Council is responsible for the EU’s external action, which includes foreign policy, defense and security, trade, development cooperation and humanitarian aid.

How many deputies are needed to form a parliamentary group?

Training. The conditions for forming a parliamentary group are set forth in the rules of procedure of the Congress of Deputies and are as follows: At least 15 deputies or 10 senators are required to form a parliamentary group.

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Donde se encuentra la comisión europea

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